IBJJF alters results of divisions with athletes disqualified for anti-doping violations

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The Long Beach Pyramid at the 2014 Worlds

The Long Beach Pyramid at the 2014 Worlds Photo by Dan Rod

summer promoThe IBJJF announced this Friday, August 7, it altered the standings of the divisions that had athletes disqualified due to anti-doping violations and the World Championship.

It has happened three times since the United States Anti-Doping Agency started performing tests on the world champions in 2013.

Gabi Garcia (2013) – Found not at fault for the presence of clomiphene (lost gold medal in the black belt open class and silver medal in the heavyweight division).

Braulio Estima (2014) – Found with the presence of Methylhexaneamine (suspended for two years and lost the gold medal at the medium-heavy division).

Felipe Pena (2014) – Found with elevated levels of testosterone (suspended for one year and lost gold medal at the heavyweight division).

The IBJJF released the following statement regarding the matter:

According to IBJJF’s agreement with USADA and the anti-doping policy, IBJJF will accept sanctions determined by USADA.

In the event that a sanction results in a loss of title, the rule by IBJJF to follow in reassigning podium positions is listed below:

-The athlete that placed second (lost to the positive doping athlete) will be declared the 1st place winner

-The athlete that placed third (lost to the positive doping athlete) will be declared the 2nd place winner.

-The fourth place athlete, who lost due to the positive doping athlete in the quarter-final, will be moved up to 3rd place.

– The athlete who lost in the semi-final against the “newly promoted first place athlete” will remain in the third place position.

By doing so, we will promote once, every athlete who lost due to the disqualified athlete. In turn this will give us a full standard IBJJF podium (1 first place, 1 second place, and 2 third place winners).

With that, the revised standings for the divisions that had athletes disqualified are now as follows.

2013 World Jiu Jitsu IBJJF Championship – Black Belt Adult Female Open Class division

First – Beatriz de Oliveira Mesquita – Gracie Humaita

Second –  Luiza Monteiro Moura da Costa – PSLPB Cicero C.

Third – Tammy Griego – Gracie Barra

Third – Luanna Alzuguir Marton Moraes – Alliance

2013 World Jiu Jitsu IBJJF Championship – Black Belt Adult Female Heavy weight

First – Andresa Correa – Alliance

Second –  Maria do Carmo Paixão Teixeira – De La Riva JJ

Third – Luzia Carmem Santana P. Fernandes – Gracie Barra

2014 World Jiu Jitsu IBJJF Championship – Black Belt Adult Male Medium Heavy division

First – Rômulo Claudio Barral – Gracie Barra

Second –  Murilo Silva Ferreira de Santana – Barbosa Jiu Jitsu

Third – Gustavo Ramos Campos – Atos Jiu-Jitsu

Third – Thiago Sa Fortes  – CheckMat

2014 World Jiu Jitsu IBJJF Championship – Black Belt Adult Male Heavydivision

Fisrt – Andre Luiz Leite Galvão – Atos Jiu-Jitsu

Second – Dimitrius Soares Souza – Alliance

Third – Rafael Lovato Jr. – Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu

Third – Nivaldo de Oliveira – CheckMat Int.

With the changes in the standings, there were also changes in the overall points count for the teams.

In 2014, Atos Jiu-Jitsu earned six extra points for Andre Galvão’s title, but that was not enough to overcome Alliance, that also had two points added when Dimitrius Souza became the new 2nd place athlete and added two points to the team’s count.

Here are the new standings for teams after the result changes:

2013 – Adult Female

1 – Alliance – 62

2 – CheckMat – 45

3 – Gracie Humaita – 38

2014 – Adult Male

1 – Alliance – 99

2 – Atos Jiu-Jitsu – 97

3 – Gracie Barra – 57

The IBJJF will hold new medal ceremonies for the new standings in the near future.

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