UFC 189: McGregor TKOs Mendes on Rd2 for the interim belt; Lawler retains title after war against MacDonald

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Conor McGregor gets massive greeting from fans during his UFC Fight Night 26 walkout. Photo via Getty Images.

Conor McGregor gets massive greeting from fans during his UFC Fight Night 26 walkout. Photo via Getty Images.

Dana White must be feeling like never before.

The scenario the UFC was waiting for after the featherweight champion José Aldo Jr had to pull out from the main event of UFC 189 is now finally set.

With the 2nd round TKO win over a much brave, but visibly under-conditioned Chad Mendes, Conor McGregor reached the interim featherweight title.

Now Aldo and Conor will have to face off to decide who is the undisputed ruler of the division.

Conor worked his way to the title with his well-known very dangerous striking game lead by his powerful left hand.

“I know that no one can stand that left hand. Everyone breaks when hit!” explained McGregor after the end of the fight.

Mendes relied entirely on his wrestling to try to stop McGregor and did a great job up until the last minute of the 2nd round.

After failing on a guillotine attempt, Mendes saw the fight go back up and visibly had no more gas on his tank to defend against McGregor’s strikes.

A right and then a left to Mendes’ chin put and end to the fight.

“I have fought with injuries much worse than that bruised rib. Aldo can comeback if he wants, but I swear to God his day will come,” said McGregor, already kicking off the trash talk routine for the Aldo fight.

Mendes said he didn’t regret taking the fight with only two weeks to prepare: “This is the UFC. You don’t say no to a opportunity to be here in the biggest fight in history.”

After 15 days of insults form side to side, McGregor and Mendes hugged it out after the fight.

Robbie Lawler. Photo via Getty Images.

Robbie Lawler. Photo via Getty Images.

In the co-main event of the night, Robbie Lawler waged a true blood fest against Rory MacDonald.

After a slow 1st round, Lawler unleashed his punches to cause a lot of damage to MacDonald’s face.

When the fight seemed resolved for the champion a high left kick by MacDonald on the 4th round left Lawler wobbly.

MacDonald tried his best to end the fight right there but the clock ran out on him.

In the 5th round, Lawler was able to recover and finally hit MacDonald once again in the face with a powerful left to drop the opponent and cause the stoppage.

Click here for the full results.

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