2015 ADCC: the most complete list with invitees and trials winners

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Less than two months away, the 2015 ADCC is shaping up to be one of the most exciting of all times.

Despite the absences of big names such as Renzo Gracie, Kron Gracie, Marcus Buchecha and Rafael Mendes, an amazing array of talents is confirmed and getting ready to compete in São Paulo, on August 29-30.

So far, GRACIEMAG has confirmed the following invitees.


-66Kg:  Augusto Tanquinho, Gianni Grippo, João Miyao

-77kg: JT Torres, Otavio Sousa, Garry Tonon

-88kg: Keenan Cornelius

-99kg: Rodolfo Vieira, Xande Ribeiro

+99kg: Bernardo Faria, João Gabriel Rocha, Dean Lister


-60kg: Mackenzie Dern, Bia Mesquita

+60kg: Marysia Malyjasiak

Click here for the official list.

GM_219_summer_hayabusa (1)

Below, you will find the unofficial complete list of names for the 2015 ADCC so far.


Roberto Cyborg vs. André Galvão

Ricardo Liborio vs. Zé Mário Sperry

Matt Hughes vs. TBA (The ADCC has not confirmed if a new name will replace Renzo Gracie or if the match will be scratched)

Male -66 kg 

1. Rubens Charles “Cobrinha” – Brazil (ADCC 2013 winner)

2. Asadulaev Surkhay – Russia (European Trials winner)

3. Augusto Tanquinho (Invited)

4. Gabriel Marangoni (ADCC Brazilian Trials winner)

5. Renan Sancar (ADCC Brazilian Trials winner)

6. Nicolas Renier (ADCC European Trials winner)

7. Yuto Hirao (ADCC Asian & Oceania Trials winner)

8. Edward Cummings (ADCC North American Trials winner)

9. Geovanny Martinez (ADCC North American Trials winner)

10. Tezakbaev Rasul (ADCC Asian & Oceania Trials winner)

11. Gianni Grippo (Invited)

12. João Miyao (Invited)

Male -77 kg

1. “JT” Torres – USA (Invited)

2. Gamrot Mateusz – (European Trials Winner)

3. Gabriel Rollo (ADCC Brazilian Trials winner)

4. Davi Ramos (ADCC Brazilian Trials winner)

5. Abdulkadirov Magomed (ADCC European Trials winner)

6. Young-am Noh (ADCC Asian & Oceania Trials winner)

7. Vagner Rocha (ADCC North American Trials winner)

8. Enrico Cocco (ADCC North American Trials winner)

9. Lachlan Giles (ADCC Asian & Oceania Trials winner)

10. Otavio Sousa (Invited)

11. Garry Tonon (Invited)

Male -88 kg

1. Romulo Barral – Brazil (ADCC 2013 Winner)

2. Zbigniew Tyszka – (European Trials Winner)

3. Claudio Calasans Jr. (ADCC Brazilian Trials winner)

4. Felipe Pena (ADCC Brazilian Trials winner)

5. Jesse Urholin (ADCC European Trials winner)

6. Hidemi Mihara (ADCC Asian & Oceania Trials winner)

7. Mike Perez (ADCC North American Trials winner)

8. Matthew Arroyo (ADCC North American Trials winner)

9. Craig Jones (ADCC Asian & Oceania Trials winner)

10. Keenan Cornelius (Invited)

Male -99 kg

1. Joao Assis – Brazil (ADCC 2013 Winner)

2. Tomasz Narkun – (European Trials Winner)

3. Rodolfo Vieira (invited)

4. Cassio Francis (ADCC Brazilian Trials winner)

5. Roberto Alencar (ADCC Brazilian Trials winner)

6. Kamil Uminski (ADCC European Trials winner)

7. Yukiyasu Ozawa (ADCC Asian & Oceania Trials winner)

8. Jason Bukich (ADCC North American Trials winner)

9. Tom DeBlass (ADCC North American Trials winner)

10. Tobias Green (ADCC Asian & Oceania Trials winner)

11. Alexandre Ribeiro (Invited)

Male +99 kg


2. Lee Hyoung Chul – (Asia & Oceania Trials Winner)

3. Bernardo Faria (Invited)

4. João Gabriel Rocha (Invited)

5. Gabriel Lucas (ADCC Brazilian Trials winner)

6. Leonardo Nascimento (ADCC Brazilian Trials winner)

7. Janne-Pekka Pietiläinen (ADCC European Trials winner)

8. Hideki Sekine (ADCC Asian & Oceania Trials winner)

9. Paul Ardila (ADCC North American Trials winner)

10. Jason Lees (ADCC North American Trials winner)

11. Dean Lister (Invited)

Female -60 kg

1. Michelle Nicolini – Brazil (ADCC 2013 Winner)

2. Tammi Musumeci – USA (North American Trials Winner)

3. Mackenzie Dern (Invited)

4. Mayra Mazza (ADCC Brazilian Trials winner)

5. Beatriz Mesquita (Invited)

6. Ana Michelle Tavares (ADCC Brazilian Trials winner)

7. Kethe Marie Engen (ADCC European Trials winner)

8. Rikako Yusasa (ADCC Asian & Oceania Trials winner)

Female +60 kg

1. Gabrielle Garcia – Brazil (ADCC 2013 Winner)

2. Fernanda Mazzelli (ADCC Brazilian Trials winner)

3. Amanda Santana (North American Trials winner)

4. Jessica Oliveira (ADCC Brazilian Trials winner)

5. Sophia Nordenö (ADCC European Trials)

6. Marysia Malyjasiak (Invited)


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