2015 WPJJC: brackets, live stream and all you need to know about the event in Abu Dhabi

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2015 WPJJC at the IPIC Arena in Abu Dhabi

2015 WPJJC at the IPIC Arena in Abu Dhabi

The  2015 WPJJC starts this Thursday for the adult and master competitors after three days of kids competition.

The weigh divisions take place this Thursday, April 23, for adults; and Friday, April 24, for masters.

The open class brackets go into action on Saturday, April 25.

Click here for more details on the schedule.

This year’s WPJJC is being streamed over the internet for free.

Click here to watch it.

The official weigh-ins take place this Wednesday afternoon, at the IPIC Arena.

Each athlete will have only one chance to check his/her weight.

Those who don’t show up for the weigh-in are automatically disqualified.

Here are the weigh-in times for each division:

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 12.06.22 AM

Adult white belts and blue belts and masters all belts weigh in on Thursday.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 12.25.12 AM

Click here for more info on the weigh-in proccess.

A special schedule was set up for the athletes that are delayed in São Paulo, Brazil, due to mechanical issues on their plane.

They’ll be able to choose between two options for weigh-in.

1.     Weigh-in upon arrival in Abu Dhabi at their respective hotel on the evening of April 22nd (9:00pm onwards)

2.     Weigh-in the morning (8:00am) of their competition on April 23rd at the IPIC Arena

The UAEJFF has already released the brackets for each division.

Click here to find out who fights who at each division.

The mat set up for the 2015 WPJJC

The mat set up for the 2015 WPJJC

For the first time since 2009, all adult and master divisions are entitled to money prizes, but here are a few rules to being entitled to the money.

The UAEJJF website reads:

“If there’s only one or two players, he/she will not receive a medal and there’s no prize money; they will be moved to the next division. (except +95 division, where players will be placed directly in the open weight. He/she can register in the Open Weight or be automatically moved to the higher category.

If there are only three players in an open division, they will fight and receive their medals, but there is no prize money.

If there are only four players in a division they will fight and receive medals. Players will be entitled to prize .money only if all of them are from different teams or clubs.”

Click here to check the prize value for each division.

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