The Importance of Stretching to Reduce Muscle Damage

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Carlo Gracie Sr.

Carlos Gracie Sr.

Stretching is often something that people forget to do at the beginning or end of a training session, because they are very excited to start, or tired to do anything else. Many people, when they do it, they do only a small stretch run and so do not get all the benefits of stretching.

When you do not stretch before training, there is a higher risk of muscle strains occur or even permanent damage. To prevent this from happening is fundamental the elongation of each part of your body before you start your exercise routine. At first, you may find it difficult to stretch, but the more you do, the faster you will become part of your routine. This is a habit that is worth having. It only brings benefits.

According to the physical education specialist, Adriana Gracie, Stretching the body offer a number of health benefits, ranging from posture correction, pain relief, muscle relaxation, until the release of “welfare hormones”, such as serotonin. During stretching, a massage of the organs” occurs. The massage of the intestine, for example, facilitates the course of the food, while moving the pancreas contributes to the process in which helps stabilizing the blood sugar.

We are born with good posture, balance and a body ready for movement. However, as we age, gravity, lack of exercise and repeated everyday activities – such as driving or carrying a bag on one shoulder only – can lead to hardening of the positions they assume over time and cause poor posture. For example, if the shoulder muscles are compressed, your back may be arched, weakened abdominal muscles cause pain in the lower back, as the column tends to overwhelm yourself to compensate for the lack of support from the abdominal region. Stretch corrects posture and strengthens muscles in a balanced way, working on both sides of the body.

Stretching can help you be more aware of your own body, to discover their potentials and weaknesses, and the most tense and stiff areas. If some exercises seem challenging or a bit uncomfortable, it means they have found a point tense or stiff, and your body is responding to the stimulus. Other stretches are lightweight and simply release endorphins, the substance responsible for the well-being. These substances secreted by glands, spread throughout the body and nourish the muscles and organs, causing you to feel comfortable and refreshed. While the body and mind relax, heart rate and blood pressure are stabilized. This is one of the reasons why stretching at work is important: it is the ideal time to recharge.

If you are a BJJ athlete or practice any physical activity regularly, you should know that stretching would bring you many benefits like improve your performance, reduce the risk of injury, correct posture and relieve tension and pain. It keeps the muscles flexible, facilitating mobility and makes the transition from inactivity to activity to be performed without overloading the body. It is very important to stretch before and especially after exercise to protect the body from injury. Stretching while your muscles are warmed up is the ideal time to expand the movement. Perform physical exertion and not stretching then can lead to stiffening of the muscles and cause muscle strain. Do you want to have an ” impossible to pass” guard? Or do you want to make it tough to submit you with arm bars or foot locks? Start stretching your body today!

Kayron Gracie

Kayron Gracie

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