Vitor Oliveira’s seminar at GMA C3/Cesar Pereira proves why seminars are beneficial

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Vitor Oliveira seminar at GMA C3 Athletics/Cesar Pereira. Photo: Cesar Pereira

Vitor Oliveira seminar at GMA C3 Athletics/Cesar Pereira. Photo: Cesar Pereira

Seminars are so prevalent in many areas of the world that some may be spoiled. If you live in California, you may just find an event outside of your gym every weekend.

While open mats do gather the numbers for people to meet and train, a seminar can offer that and more. You can not only learn a new technique but perhaps you just learn one tiny detail as part of a move you have already assimilated into your game. And after attending one seminar, you’ve catapulted your game.

Sometimes people attend seminars simply because they want to roll with a high-level grappling superstar. But whatever the motivation, you always gain.

In the case of the seminar at C3 Athletics/Cesar Pereira Jiu-Jitsu in Stanford, CT, Vitor Oliveira led a class for 40 people and rolled with them after. He taught moves that he himself uses in his matches at the highest level of competitions. The moves involved both techniques while standing and ground game. Half of the class was no-gi and half was gi and the whole event lasted three hours, an average seminar length.

There was also an open mat at the end. All belts were there from white to black, all thirsty for knowledge and growth.

And seminars are very much advantageous for growth. Cesar explains, “I think a seminar is good for the students to learn new techniques, even the same techniques but sometimes with different details and ways to execute them. Also, different perspectives to enrich their game. Seminars are also good to meet new people and break the routine of classes. Generally speaking it’s the camaraderie that Jiu-Jitsu can give us!”

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