American Nationals no-gi: Keenan Cornelius takes gold at open class, other results

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Day 2 at the 2014 American Nationals Championship was devoted to the no-gi divisions.

In the adult black belt open class, once again Atos JJ dominated the action.

Keenan Cornelius and Joshua Hinger got to the final and a gentlemen’s agreement decided the gold medal would go to Keenan.

In order to get to the final, Joshua first had a great showing against Francisco Iturralde, dominating the match and outscoring the opponent 11-0.

Then, the no-gi instructor at Atos San Diego had a tough semifinal against Gracie Barra’s AJ Agazarm.

Ahead on the advantages, a guillotine choke in place saved Hinger when AJ got the teakedown in the last seconds but was not awarded the two points that would have meant the win.

On the other side of the bracket, Eliot Kelly also had a close win over Inacio Neto to qualify to the semifinal.

A last second takedown earned Kelly the two points that tied the score and gave him the win for having less penalties than the opponent.

The Gracie Barra crowd protested the referee’s call after the match was over.

Eliot moved on to face Keenan in the semifinal, but could not upset the favorite.

Even without his beloved lapels to grab, Keenan was able to impose his game to win 6-0.

Unlike this Saturday, when a coin toss decided the gold medalist in the gi open class division, Keenan was chosen to be the champion.

Here’s a photo gallery with the best of the action in Carson this Sunday.

In the other black belt divisions, the results were:

Caio Terra outscored Mark Ramos 11-0 to secure the lightfeather gold medal.

Osvaldo Moizinho beat Rodrigo Freitas 2-0 for the lightweight gold medal.

JT Torres got the win after a close out with Joshua Hinger for the middleweight title.

Keenan Cornelius swept Eduardo Telles to win 2-0 and become medium heavy champion.

Inacio Neto finished Jason Selva with a triangle to become the heavyweight champion.

In the teams competition, the final results were:

1 – Gracie Barra – 143
2 – Atos Jiu-Jitsu – 100
3 – Caio Terra Association – 61
4 – Cleber Jiu Jitsu – 55
5 – CheckMat USA – 54
6 – Yemaso Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – 41
7 – Nova União – 39
8 – Gracie Humaita – 27
9 – GF Team – 27
10 – Tinguinha BJJ academy – 23

For the full results, go to

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