7th American Cup: Moizinho beats Fortuna for open class title; other results

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The open class division put Osvaldo Moizinho and Marcel Fortuna face to face for the final.

Moizinho fought twice before the gold medal match while Fortuna had one fight, when he defeated Nathan Mendelsohn 4-0.

Moizinho’s semifinal was against Eliot Kelly and the athlete from Caio Terra won 3-2 on advantages.

In the big final, Osvaldo Moizinho disregarded the weight difference and won by one advantage for a foot lock in the very end.

Caio Terra Association also won the all the other male open class divisions: Blue – Benjamin Silva, Purple – Ryan Walsh, Brown – Manny Diaz.

The other black belt champions were:

Feather: Samir Chantre defeated Joel Scovel twice for the gold.

Light: Osvaldo Moizinho outscored Lance Glynn 7-0 for the title.

Medium-heavy: Nathan Mendelsohn beat Rahlan Gracie on points in a single match  and then closed out the division with Raul Castillo, keeping the gold medal.

Super-heavy: Marcel Fortuna defeated Eliot Kelly on advantages.

The final teams results for the Adult male division were:

1. Caio Terra Association – 125

2. Coalition 95 – 73

3. Raplh Gracie Academy – 45

4. Kaijin – 22

5. Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu – 20

For the complete results, go to bjjtour.com

Here are the best images of this Sunday.


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