GMA Redzovic Jiu-Jitsu welcomed Royce Gracie back to their mats in Chicago

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The Redzovic team with Royce Gracie. Photo: Personal Archive

The Redzovic team with Royce Gracie. Photo: Personal Archive

This past weekend the Redzovic family welcomed the highly celebrated Royce Gracie to their Chicago-based Jiu Jitsu school in Lincoln Square. This was the first time Royce Gracie has visited Chicago in over 15 years.
“It was an honor to have Royce Gracie here with us in Chicago. Not only were we able to practice some of the foundational movements of Gracie Jiu Jitsu but our students were able to spend time with such an amazing historical figure not only in Jiu-Jitsu but martial arts history.” – Adem Redzovic

The team at Redzovic Jiu-Jitsu hosts seminars regularly with some of the biggest, most influential names in the gentle art. Names like Rolles Gracie, Rener Gracie, Ralph Gracie, Clark Gracie, Tareq Azim and more.

Adem, Eddie and Idriz bring different world-class instructors and competitors into the gym so that their students can benefit from many aspects of Jiu-Jitsu knowledge. Also, time spent with the visitors off the mats allows the students and the Redzovic family to learn about aspects of their lives.

More information about GMA Redzovic Jiu-Jitsu Chicago can be found at:

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  1. Jahan Khan at 3:17 pm

    Eddie Redzovic and his brothers/cousins are anti-Christian BIGOTS who make a side living TRASHING Christians and their beliefs in order to call people into ISLAM. Their approach is is unethical and unprofessional, and worst of all, their association with the Gracie name tarnishes it to those who know about what these Redzovic boys do.

    No Christian can get away with what these THUGS and their partners in Dawah do. If any non-Muslim and his operation is suspected of trashing Muslims in a similar fashion, you better believe that his whole organization would be forced to close and his reputation smeared by Muslim groups. Don't do business or associate with Christophobes because the same would be asked of Islamophobes. Don't hold onto two different standards for two different groups! Stand for what's right!

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