IBJJF changes rules to allow female muslims to compete with heads covered

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It was a long awaited change requested by female muslins that train Jiu-jitsu and want to compete.

The IBJJF studied the request and decided to act promptly, the fighters will now be able act with their heads covered in competitions . The change in the rules aims to allow Muslim competitors to fight without hurting their cultural and religious beliefs .

IBJJF’s Rules Coordinator, Gabriel Costa spoke to GRACIEMAG.com this Sunday :

” At the Pan Kids we’ve had athletes competing with their heads covered . Along with the changes that we will soon have in our Rulebook , we’ve added the use of a cap for the female . The cap will have restrictions in color and material to be discreet and will not fall out constantly. Hopefully this problem with allow the problems of the female athltes that would not compete because of their religion,” said Gabriel.

Stay tuned to GRACIEMAG.com to meet other changes from the book of regulations of the sport soon .

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  1. Christiano Fernandez at 10:47 pm

    It was 2 before! The main title said "Muslins" and it is after we voiced our opinion on here they changed the spelling. As a Muslim, I hope you would appreciate that.

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