New IBJJF eligibility requirements for adult black belts at 2015 Worlds

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The Pyramid will be the stage both for the Long BEach Open and the Pro League

The Pyramid. Photo by Mike Colon

The IBJJF has established a new rule for the hopeful black belts planning to register for the 2015 World Championship. To keep the prestigious tournament as elite as possible, there is a catch for who can compete. For the adult black belt divisions only, you must have success in prior tournaments before being cleared to register for the worlds.

Here is the press release explaining the details:

“IBJJF is constantly focused on improving the quality and development of our events. Taking into consideration that the Worlds Championship is a tournament focused on the elite of our sport, we are now limiting the accessibility of this event.

In pursuit of this goal, we are requiring that Adult Division Black Belts who would like to register for the 2015 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship will need to have placed at other IBJJF tournaments prior to May 2015.

Because the World Championship is the most prestigious event of our Jiu-Jitsu calendar, it is important that only the most accomplished athletes have a chance for the title.

Athletes eligible to participate in the 2015 World will be:

– Black belts with minimum of 50 points in the IBJJF black belt adult ranking

– Former Black Belt adult World champions

– 2014 Brown Belt World Champions (all weight divisions)

IBJJF will release more details soon.”

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  1. Pedro Ivo at 2:35 pm

    that is good, i guess! today we have a lot of competitors in the black belt adult divisions, but only some guys that always make their way to the finals. with these new rules we will have the same guys heading to the finals, but with less competitors, and always hard fights for them.

  2. Agustin Prado at 2:29 pm

    Should NOT those who participate in this event qualify for it, meaning; pre qual competitions should be met prior to and then 1st and 2nd places be allow to participate in the World BJJ…… only makes sense……well that is how is done with Judo……and BJJ is Judo.

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