European: Trans takes absolute gold to Denmark, Alzuguir wins her 2nd title; other results

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stamp_enFor the first time in 11th editions, a European native was crowned the European male black belt open class champion.

Danish Alexander Trans had a picture perfect final against Yuri Simões.

He swept the Brazilian in the early beginning and then passed guard, got the mount and finally finished with an armbar.

He said: “I knew he had a strong spider guard game, so when I swept, I immediately put pressure to pass and had success”.

Alex Trans

Alex Trans

Trans also talked about the importance of being a pioneer: “This title is very important for my career and it’s nice to be the first European, but I train with a lot of Brazilians, I go to Brazil so often. I don´t pay much attention to being European”.

In the female division, Luanna Alzuguir played a strategic game to defeat Ida Hansson 2-0 with a sweep.

“The European brings me luck! I wanted to open my game, but when you face someone as skilled as Ida, a 2-0 is a landslide,” said Luanna.

Luanna Alzuguir

Luanna Alzuguir

The other results of the black belt were:


Caio Terra defeated Koji Shibamoto 3-0 on advantages


Jose Thiago Barros got the gold medal in a close-out with João Miyao


Rafael Mendes defeated Paulo Miyao 3-0 (guard pass)


Michael Langhi got the gold medal in an close-out with Francisco Iturralde


Claudio Calasans Jr defeated JT Torres by referees decision after a 2-2 tie


Thiago Sá got the gold medal in a close-out with Renato Cardoso


Jackson Souza defeated Yuri Simões 2-0 (takedown)


Lucio Lagarto defeated Rafael Lovato Jr 2-0 (sweep)


Rodrigo Cavaca defeated Ricardo Evangelista 4-2 (sweeps)


Laurence Cousin defeated Andrea de Souza 6-0

Vanessa Oliveira defeated Ida Hansson 5-2 on advantages


Luanna Alzuguir defeated Janni Larsson 2-0 (sweep)

At the teams competition, the final results were:

Adult Male
1 – Alliance – 86
2 – CheckMat – 44
3 – Brasa Caio Terra – 43

Adult Female
1 – Alliance – 56
2 – CheckMat – 47
3 – Roger Gracie Academy – 24

1 – Gracie Barra – 41
2 – Soul Fighters BJJ – 18
3 – Renzo Gracie Israel – 15

1 – Gracie Barra – 234
2 – Alliance – 182
3 – CheckMat – 153

1 – Icon Jiu-Jitsu Team – 54
2 – CheckMat – 39
3 – Roger Gracie Academy – 31

For the full results, go to


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