WPJJC Brazilian trials results: who is going to Abu Dhabi

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João Miyao in action

João Miyao in action

The weekend was devoted to the WPJJC Brazilian trials in São Paulo. Read who won the travel packages to Abu Dhabi to compete in the global event next April.



In the 54kg division, brown belt Ariadne Oliveira defeated Carla Franco in a speedy triangle to secure a place in the main tournament, in Abu Dhabi .

In the 60kg division, the newly graduated black belt Jessica Cristina beat Nadia Melo with a sweep for the title .

The 66kg category saw no surprises. Cicero Costha’s consistent Luiza Monteiro scored 10-4, with sweeps and mounts against Suelen Tobias to win the gold and the flight to Abu Dhabi .

In the 72kg division, in a 50/50 battle, brown belt Monique Elias overcame Talita Treta by ref decision after a 0-0 tie on the scoreboard .

In the +72kg division, black belt Andressa Correa Jessica Costa choked from the back and confirmed her way to the kingdom of Zayed.


In the 64kg, João Miyao closed out the division with teammate Gilberto dos Santos.

In the 70kg, a clash of generations. World champion in 2004, Fernando Vieira took a break in MMA to put on the gi again. He faced Paulo Miyao in the final and got gold by ref decision.

In the 76kg, Claudio Caloquinha came on top.with a guard pass over Thiago Aragon, he secured his trip to the middle east.

In the 82kg, Jaime Canuto beat Murilo Santana with a sweep for the gold.

In the 88kg, Renato Cardoso caught UFC star Serginho Moraes with a leg lock in one of the quarterfinals. Cardoso went all the way to the final, being stopped by Diogo Moreno, with two sweeps.

Antonio Peinado returned to competition with a victory. In the 94kg, he overcame Cassius Francis by an advantage and closed out with friend Fabiano Junior. Peinado got the ticket.

In the 100kg, João Gabriel Rocha was the standout. The black belt had two fights to secure a place on the plane to Abu Dhabi. In the semifinal, the wrestler who now trains in GF Team beat Roger Ambrosi by four advantages. In the end, João caught Roma Pereira in an armbar.

Finally, in the over 100kg, Thiago Gaia’s omoplata was efficient. In the final, Gaia swept Gilmar Oliveira and then finnished from the back.

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