Royce Gracie makes Sports Illustrated’s Top 50 list of greatest athletes of all time

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The man who introduced Jiu-Jitsu to the masses in the USA has just received another honor.

Royce Gracie made the Top 50 list of greatest athletes of all times just released by the renowned Sports Illustrated magazine.

The UFC Hall of Famer broke the news to the world on his Twitter account.

He wrote: “Honored to make sports illustrated top 50 athletes of all time list.”

Blogger Kid Peligro got in touch with Royce for further reaction: “I am honored to make Sports Illustrated top 50 athletes of all time list. I don’t get excited about many things but this is something that humbles me”

Congratulations to Royce Gracie!

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  1. Joe Robinson at 1:22 pm

    He was just mean but well deserved. He got in the ring with guys twice his size and punished them. The sport has evolved so much since then that boxing seems the equivalent of checkers while MMA is 3D chess.

  2. Tony Ballejos at 2:27 pm

    Growing up in the South Bay, I was fortunate enough to know Royce, Helio, the old man, and a few of the Machado Bros, as locals know, these elite Brazilian Athletes have called Torrance and Redondo Beach their home for nearly 20 years and are ultra-accessible as they would often train at Gold's Gym / Triton MMA, in Redondo Beach. I hate to racially stereotype, but these Brazilians are nice and humble

  3. Wayde Barnes at 1:45 am

    Dude was only good when nobody else knew what he was doing. As soon as others started to learn a little BJJ, and he took the Gi off, nearly everyone kicked his ass. Never liked the guy anyway. He always held chokes and submissions way too long. Refs had to pry him off of guys after they'd tapped. He was no better than the piece of shit Palhares.

  4. Beth Womack at 3:27 pm

    You're probably referring to his UFC fight with Gerard Gordeau. If you're not aware, Gordeau bit Royce on the ear while they were clinched against the cage earlier in the fight. So Royce gave him a little something extra at the end, and was making sure the ref saw the tap after his previous fight with Ken Shamrock in which Ken tapped and then tried to keep fighting. Gordeau later went on to blind Yuki Nakai in one eye by illegally poking him in the eye during a match, ending his career. Royce was never the best MMA fighter even in BJJ circles, but give him respect, he was fighting the best people they could find in the world against him at that time, and he was not a bad sportsman. – Neil Womack

  5. Cory David Baker at 3:54 pm

    Nothing but respect for Royce, but I certainly hope that Rickson Gracie, who was apparently the toughest of the family, made that list!

  6. Wayde Barnes at 2:11 am

    Neil Womack I don't agree with you about him being a good sportsman. I've never heard him give any props to another fighter unless he was from Brazil. For them to put him up as one of the top 50 greatest athletes ever is a complete joke. The guy wasn't even a good athlete per se. He could do one thing better than the guys at the very inception of something that was to later become a sport. I can think of more than 100 great athletes who should be on that list instead of him. For one, there's a guy named John Brzenk who dominated arm wrestling for more than 25 years and is still one of the best in the world today, at 50 years old. He traveled the world looking for the next best competitor, only to send them home beaten. Most of that time he held all titles, meaning sans weight classes, he was better than everyone on earth. Why wouldn't he be on that list? Whenever they make lists like this they usually aren't very accurate anyway, so I don't know why they bother me so much. I just hate to see anything where someone is put up onto a pedestal where they definitely don't belong, (see Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber), while people with extreme talent are left in obscurity. It's like Maxim's 100 Hottest Women of 2013, with Miley Cyrus at number 1, yea right.

  7. Paulo Zepol at 5:39 am

    Royce's success in fighting is the single reason this particular website is allowed to exist- and for us to freely express our views on him. No chances to study opponents, play the rules or time limits as a strategy either; just as pure a fight as is "sportively" possible for that time. Happy for him.

  8. Ken Lucas at 8:55 pm

    "Arm Wrestling….Arm Wrestling….Arm Wrestling"?….Seriously?….Really?….How about "Bowel Movement Champion"…NO, No, how 'bout "Beer Guzzling Champion"….Oooh,Oooh, I know I know : "Knuckle Cracking Champion".

  9. Leandro Esaú Alves at 10:14 am

    A slight man stared at the world in an event without rules of weight, time and blows and won. Luck? No, it did so on three occasions and different years and almost got a fourth … Satisfied or not there was born a legend! The world realized, really, it was possible for a man to win the technique and not by force …

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