Anderson’s coaches share his first words after surgery

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Anderson Silva, his team and Usher after another day of training in Los Angeles. Photo: Instagram

Anderson Silva, his team and Usher after another day of training in Los Angeles. Photo: Instagram

Anderson Silva’s coaches talked to the Brazilian media after the surgery the fighter had this Saturday.

0_KoralGi_StampSiteThe former UFC middleweight champion suffered a broken left shin at the second round of his fight against Chris Weidman, the main event of UFC 168.

The coaches revealed Anderson’s reaction when he woke up from surgery.

Rodrigo Minotauro said Anderson was sorry for what happened : “His first reaction was to open his eye and apologize to the fans and to the team because he could not win the fight . The doctor said he is fine and that he will be back to physical activities in six months. This gave him comfort.”

“The important thing is to do everything the doctor said. He is eager to see his children, his wife. Then, he wants to talk to the fans and to all the public who supported him,” said another team member.

“The goal is to recover the leg. Walk again, that’s our focus right now,” said Ramon Lemos, Anderson’s Jiu-Jitsu coach.

“Anderson is always a very positive and centered guy. I’m sure he’ll be joking about it very soon, that’s his way of being. I believe that Anderson will recover and will return to fight at a high level,” said Pedro Rizzo, another of Silva’s trainers.

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  1. Arthur Alves at 7:25 pm

    Deus te dê uma ótima recuperação, para que logo logo encha-nos de orgulho novamente, porque um verdadeiro guerreiro luta até o fim, até o limite do próprio corpo para cumprir sua missão. Talvez a missão "cinturão" não seja mais sua, mas sua história já faz parte da história do esporte e serve de inspiração pra vários atleta. Oss

  2. Eric Desmarais at 8:12 pm

    Yahman ! You're the Greatest Fighter Alive Man. Take more time than less time­!
    Hope you gonna heal good and 100 % ! Bonne Année à toute la famille ! From Québec Fans !

  3. Aaron Wilson at 9:59 pm

    Your a true champion Anderson. You give a great example of how to be positive no matter what happens. From an injured soldier to an injured fighter…keep fighting and thanks for being strong.

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