GMA Cavalcanti Carlson Gracie Team earns new belts and visit from Santa Claus

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Last Saturday Dec. 14, GMA Cavalcanti Carlson Gracie Training Center had a record breaking promotion ceremony with 175 promotions.
For the first time Ricardo Cavalcanti promoted members of the team who have been with him since they were five years old now at the age of sixteen.
Robert Alvarez, Cierra Smith, Chase Balasbas, Christian Shaughnessy, Matt Kamminga, and Sonny Kamminga all received their blue belts.
For the first time there were five team members promoted to brown belt:
Bryan Calleros, Chris Howey, Joshua Monsiavis, David Troy, and Bear Smith.
Also at the ceremony his son Romulo Cavalcanti and Steve Pellegrino received their black belts. Robert Lagasca was promoted to first degree black belt. Also, Michael Alvarez, thirteen, who was invited to the Battle for the Ages tournament in Texas, was promoted to green belt.
In attendance at the ceremony was Rose Gracie, old friend of Ricardo Cavalcanti, who came to represent Carlson Gracie and present Professor Cavalcanti with a gift, Javier Vasquez, and also special guest Santa “Cavalcanti”  Claus who came all way from the North Pole to bring gifts, candy, and joy to the younger students.
Check out what else is happening at Ricardo Cavalcanti’s Carlson Gracie Training Center in Las Vegas, NV by visiting
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