Franjinha: “Paul was a person that a lot of us should use as a model in our lives”

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Ricardo Miller and Paul Walker

Ricardo Miller and Paul Walker

Paragon leader Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller announced a few days ago that late actor Paul Walker had received his black belt in memoriam during the funeral services.

The star of the “Fast and Furious” franchise died in a car accident on December 1st, in Valencia, California.

The decision to grant this last honor to his dear friend, who was an active brown belt, was mostly well received as it made news around the world, but a few people felt that it was not to be.

Franjinha decided to address those who thought Walker did not deserve to receive the in memoriam new rank.

Here is what he wrote about it:

Paul Walker was an old friend and fellow martial arts student of Paragon BJJ dating back to our studies in the middle of 2000. Paul was both an actor and unique person/martial artist. He understood it in a depth that few men have. He was tasked in the past few years to spread in the big screen the martial art that we all love. While he knew and understood the BJJ moves, Paul’s kindness and actions in life on and off the mat showed that he had a far greater understanding of the martial art spirit as a whole. For that reason and conversations between us in later years, I believe that Paul was the true modern father of this particular martial art system and honors him as such.

0_KoralGi_StampSitePaul, like so many other great people in this world, was taken from us way early. He will be sorely missed.

Unfortunately, only people with a young soul as these haters still do not understand how big he was for our community. How much he was helping to spread Jiu Jitsu around of the World and consequently help others get access to the benefit that only our art gives to who practice It. In other words makes people have a better art if you know what I mean and If you really do the right Jiu Jitsu.

Jiu Jitsu is not just tournament medals or showed moves in the proper way. Is not just “bust your ass on the mat every single day”.

It is about commitment to the art, to help others in need, keep always improving your soul until you die and, the more important one, avoid get stuck in the sins of life.

God Bless the haters out there.

In my heart and vision Paul Walker is a Paragon Black Belt (in Memoriam) and for those who doesn’t know the mean of our name;

Paragon means model of Execellence

Paul was a person that a lot of us should use as a model in our live.

Please fell welcome to share and spread this message for them to understand It.

Respectfully yours,

Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller

Paragon BJJ

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