Buchecha to receive his first degree in the black belt from Cavaca

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Marcus Buchecha won the ultra-heavyweight and the open at the 2013 Worlds. Photo: Ivan Trindade.

Buchecha and Cavaca at the 2013 Worlds. Photo: Ivan Trindade.

On December 22, the current absolute world champion Marcus Vinicius Buchecha and his Professor Rodrigo Cavaca have a remarkable reunion.

In Santos , Brazil, where the history of both began, Cavaca will grant the first degree to his student’s black belt .

Interestingly, Cavaca and Buchecha now belong to different teams.

In October, Rodrigo disconnected from  Checkmat and created Zenith Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with his friend Robert Drysdale .

Buchecha in addition to earning his well-deserved degree earned after three years as a black belt, will give a seminar for about 300 students .

“It will be a big party, I will award 500 new belts and degrees for practitioners of all my affiliates in the region. And one of those special people to be awarded is Buchecha,” commented Cavaca by email.

“The cool thing was that Buchecha made clear that I was the one giving his first degree, despite us being in different teams now.This attitude made ​​me very happy to see that besides a great athlete he became a man of principles,” said the professor.

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