A Fit Mom’s Diary: BJJ Workout To Lose Baby Weight

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Petya Bastos and her son

Petya Bastos and her son

Another month has passed since Petya Bastos had her baby boy, Joao Lucas, and she keeps working out hard and doing a good job in losing the extra weight she gained during pregnancy. “I’m still breastfeeding and I cannot be on a strict diet but I’m eating healthy and exercising every day. I’m happy to say that I am able to fit on my clothes again, which I used to wear before getting pregnant.” She says proudly.

Petya and her husband Bruno Bastos

Petya and her husband Bruno Bastos

Being Bruno Bastos’s wife is not easy. Petya is following her husband’s footsteps, and wants to get back to the competitions as soon as possible. Therefore, she has changed her workout routine this passed month. She has been working out more intensively, two times a day some days of the week, and training BJJ more often. Petya still wants to lose 8 Kilos/17 pounds but she feels much lighter and faster in the fights. “I have more time on the mat because I hope to get back to compete in December. My training is all about martial arts and especially BJJ. I need muscle endurance and explosive power.” Explains Petya.

Petya Bastos after training BJJ

Petya Bastos after training BJJ

Here is Petya’s NEW workout routine:

0_KoralGi_StampSiteMonday: I’ve trained BJJ 2 times. I had my first workout at the ladies class where I got an intense warm up and practiced the DE LA RIVA guard. After, I had a short fight session in the end of the class. Then I’ve joined the advanced class where I’ve learned more of the DE LA RIVA and worked out at the sparring session.

Tuesday: I’ve started with Cardio in the fitness room. 30 minutes running. Then, I worked out my Leg muscles at the weighting room. I did squats with weights, leg press, hamstrings exercises; I exercised the back part of my legs and inner thigh. All exercises performed with lightweights and 3 sets of 20 reps. In the afternoon I’ve trained BJJ, practicing a lot drills for Guard pass, Triangle and Kimura. After, I had an intense warm up. Then, I continued my workout practicing a new DE LA RIVA sweep and sparring at the end of training.

Wednesday: My first workout was a 30 min run. Then, I’ve trained weights for my shoulder, triceps, biceps and back muscles. Finished with 100 crunches. All exercises performed with lightweights doing 3 sets of 20 reps. In the afternoon I’ve practiced BJJ. I had an intense grip fight warm up, trained BJJ drills and sweeps. In the end I joined the sparring session.

Thursday: KING MO was with us for a week visiting the gym and training with Bruno Bastos. KING MO is a Bellator’s fighter and former three-time U.S. Senior National Wrestling Champion. I had a private training with him and it was a great experience. Then after, he taught a class at the gym and we practiced double leg and single leg throws.

Friday: It was my day off.

Saturday: KING MO’S seminar. 3 hours of intensive training with freestyle wrestling to apply in BJJ.

Sunday: I had open mat, with fights only.

Gracie Magazine is going to follow up with Petya Bastos, registering her progress at the gym and keeping you posted about her workouts. Follow @graciemagazine to see her posts on Instagram.

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