2013 BJJ Pro League Warriors: Gabriel Moraes, the champion under the radar

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Gabriel Moraes was the surprise champion at the 2013 Worlds

Gabriel Moraes was the surprise champion at the 2013 Worlds

Gabriel Moraes will be competing in the Rooster/Light-feather/Feather division of the 2013 BJJ Pro League.

The 2013 light-feather black belt world champion is a veteran in the sport with a curriculum that speaks for itself.

0_KoralGi_StampSiteTwo-time world champion as a black belt (2004/2013), Gabriel holds the record of athlete who has won gold at the black belt division in a world championship in years most far apart.

In Long Beach, last June, he defeated the likes of Gabriel Wilcox,Daniel Beleza and Ary Farias for the first place.

The final match was filled with controversy, as Farias lost the title when he was punished for walking off the mat during the celebration before the oficial result was proclaimed.

Back to the Walter Pyramid next December 9, Moraes will for sure display once again his high level Jiu-Jitsu.

Here’s a video of Gabriel Moraes competing against Caio Terra in 2007.

Know more about the 2013 BJJ Pro League at www.bjjproleague.com

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