Worlds No-Gi: Female champions decided; Luiza, Talita, Ana Carolina, Tammi

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Talita celebrates her absolute gold to match her weight division gold. Photo: Erin Herle

On Sunday, Nov. 3 the second day of the No-Gi World Championship unfolded along with the female adult black belt divisions. With only four weight categories that held competitors, the divisions didn’t last long and neither did some of the matches.

The absolute division was the last black belt division of the day and it went the full amount.

Here is how each divisions played out:

Featherweight: Tammi Musumeci

New black belt Tammi Musumeci conquered the round-robin featherweight division defeating both Nyjah Easton and Tatiana Nascimento. The first round was between Tatiana and Nyjah with Tatiana winning via one advantage. The next match was between Nyjah and Tammi with Tammi taking the win via two points in a sweep battle that brought up the score to 8-6. The final between Tammi and Tatiana began with a guard pull by Tammi, a kneebar attempt and then a successful kimura from closed guard by Tammi.

Lightweight: Ana Carolina Lebre

Gracie Humaita black belt under Leticia Ribeiro, Ana Carolina Lebre defeated both of her opponents in almost the same way. The first match of the division was between Bibiana Silva and Thaysa Silva with Thaysa racking up 10 points for the win. The other semi-final was between Ana and Sophia Drysdale with Ana passing into mount two separate times and then submitting with an armbar. The final between Thaysa and Ana stayed on the feet until Ana took Thaysa down two separate times. Ana then passed and mounted and was able to gather more points from there to rack up a total of 15-0.

Medium-heavyweight: Luiza Monteiro

The division that Luiza Monteiro chose to enter this tournament was one heavier than her normal division but it’s not surprise. Toggling between various divisions for a challenge, she was able to come out on top through the round robin division for the gold this time. The first match between Luiza and Rachel Demara ended with Rachel earning the win via shoulder lock submission. The next match between Luiza and Shanti Abelha ended fairly quickly with a kneebar and Luiza earned her place in the final. Facing Rachel once again, she was the one to submit and grabbed an armbar from the 50/50 position to win the division.

Heavyweight: Talita Treta Nogueira

No stranger to championships, Brazilian Talita Treta Nogueira dominated her only opponent for first place. The final against Andresa Correa went the distance. The match started with a sweep for each early on but Talita earned advantages for a sweep attempt and takedown attempt. Talita spent some time working to pass Andresa’s guard and as the time ran out, Talita was up by two points with a final score of 4-2.

Absolute: Talita Treta Nogueira

In a match that was decided by footwork, Talita Treta Nogueira and Ana Carolina Lebre both refused to pull guard. They also failed to provide enough activity as deemed by the referees and both received stalling points, three penalties and two points awarded to the other opponent. The end score was two points each, three penalties each but three advantages for Talita versus the one advantage for Ana Carolina. Talita won double gold at the Worlds No-Gi. To see how the open weight divisions played out up until the finals, click here.

See full photos of the divisions:

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