Master Carlos Gracie Jr. talks about the importance of the GB Compnet

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The Gracie Barra Compnet American Nationals happened Saturday, Oct. 19th in Irvine, California. GB internal tournament counted with the participation of 600 athletes including children, men and women competing. Master Carlos Gracie Jr. presence at the event was highly celebrated.

The competition day started with the kids showing off their BJJ skills on the mats of the Northwood High School in Irvine. The family atmosphere conquered the place. Kids had double elimination matches and they all received medals for their participation at the tournament. At the adults divisions, Pro-Div purple and Pro-Div brown, the champions received U$250 each for their victory.

Gracie Barra founder, Master Carlos Gracie Jr. was present at the event to support all the students. The event organizers stopped the tournament and called him in the middle of the mats to say thank you for everything he has been doing for the GB organization and Jiu-Jitsu.

GRACIEMAG: Master Carlos, in your opinion what is the importance of the Compnet as Gracie Barra’s internal tournament?

Master Carlos Gracie Jr: The Compnet tournaments are very important for Gracie Barra and his students because it promotes union between Gracie Barra professors to work together as a team to achieve the objectives of GB organization.

GM: Why do you think Gracie Barra students should participate in this tournament?

MC: For students it is a way for them to compete and gain experience at an event in which there is a careful and friendly atmosphere that makes them able to face their internal challenges such as fear and insecurity without a very violent impact that can happen to an inexperienced student and this can create a trauma for future competitions. Compnet promotes a friendly environment causing the student to gain experience and confidence so in the future he will be able to enter competitions with more experienced athletes without disadvantages of lack of knowledge in competitions.

GM: We have noticed a lot of kids competing at the tournament. For you, what are the best lessons children can learn from this competition?

MC: For children, who still do not have maturity to understand the competition, competing with your friends, teachers and family nearby means they can face those challenges much easier and with less stress so when they go to external competitions they will already stare at those challenges without the impact of an emotional charge in which he was not prepared.

The next Gracie Barra tournament is schedule to March 2014. For more information about the Compnet visit



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