Cobrinha celebrates win over Rafa Mendes, proposes no-clock match

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Photo: Dan Rod

The great fight between Rubens Cobrinha and Rafael Mendes in yet another final, at the 2013 ADCC, was nothing new. The two BJJ stars had already fought great battles at ADCC 2009 in Spain, and at ADCC 2011 in England.

After his triumph in China via judges’ decision, Cobrinha celebrated quite a bit. But his extreme joy in defeating his featherweight archenemy didn’t lead to any premature decisions, such as retiring and walking out on top in their long list of encounters.

Quite the contrary. This Monday the Alliance idol proposed a rematch.

“Maybe now we can do a no-clock superfight, ending only in submission. What do you think?” he asked me.

I submit the question to the reader and to the promoters of BJJ competitions, such as the upcoming Jiu-Jitsu Expo and Copa Pódio. Anyone up to making this happen?

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  1. Leandro Brassoloto at 11:39 pm

    Why? we already saw Rafa applying an amazing armbar on you, we already saw Rafa taking your back in the ADCC 2009. Rafa Mendes never talks trash about you, never challenge you on internet, because it is really disrespectful. if you know that you can finish the fight, why you did not pull guard and went for the submission? I watched the match and the only thing that I could see was you slapping his head and trying takedowns (avoiding the ground game). During 40 minutes you did not get one position that you could get the submission, you did not take him down, you won by REFEREE decision. please be respectful, specially because he beat you 8x before! calm down! RESPECT!

  2. Hamato Yoshi at 1:25 am

    We would all like to see a submission match between the two. Yes or no?
    No need to get personal.
    At Adcc 2009, there was a takedown right before that back take, so the decision should have gone the other way due to a poor referee call.
    In reality, this 2013 match should have been way shorter due to earlier takedowns.
    I remember one specifically at the 35 minute mark, a takedown that was somehow not given. Just a poor referee job, no need for decision.

  3. Charles Sanders at 4:37 pm

    Wow, Leandro, you're so off. It's not disrespectful to challenge someone to a match. That's ridiculous. I'm sorry that your favorite person in the world, Rafa, lost but he did. I didn't see Rafa pulling guard, either. If anybody is being disrespectful, it's you. You know where to find Cobrinha if you really want to tell him how disrespectful he is.

    Bruno, LOL!! I'm pretty sure Cobrinha had a "name" before all his matches with Rafa.

  4. Bradley Chirino at 1:52 am

    He only scored when Rafa fell…. Rafa will win hands down! Refs division was wrong! Cobrinha must have forgotten the pain he was in the last time Rafa submitted him?

  5. Bruno Vicelli Gentil Brasileiro at 10:57 am

    Charles, you are right, he really HAD a "name", but now as day and you will agree with me, Rafa is the number one in the world and doesn't matter if it's with Gi or NoGi. I respect cobrinha, but I just saw him slapping and hitting with his head in Rafa and this for a guy like cobrinha is a desrespect. And please do not forget the Pan Ams.

  6. Charles Sanders at 4:06 pm

    Bruno, I think the match was definitely very physical and Cobrinha was being very aggressive with grabbing the head and trying to frustrate Rafa. I just seems like some of Rafa's students and fans are disrespecting Cobrinha on here when all he did was beat their guy. Cobrinha has lost many times to Rafa and, as one of Cobrinha's students, I have never gotten on a website and spoken bad about Rafael. And Cobrinha has never said anything in the academy to disrespect Rafael. I have an immense amount of respect for the Mendes brothers because of their accomplishments in BJJ and their pronouncement of their faith in God. I hope life is good for you. Keep training.

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