ADCC 2013: Cyborg champion of absolute, Gabi wins again and more

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Cyborg wins the ADCC absolute. Photo: Erin Herle

The finals of the 2013 ADCC Submission Fighting World Championship brought submissions, overtimes, injuries and upsets at the Ditan Gymnasium in Beijing China. With twenty minute matches and a possibility of two ten-minute overtimes, some matches went the distance. Some ended in surprise submissions and some ended in serious celebrations.


Buchecha secures a heel hook on Joao Gabriel Rocha. Photo: Erin Herle

Joao Gabriel Rocha defeated Jared Dopp in the semi-finals by three points to Jared’s two. The other semi-final match had Marcus Buchecha Almeida with the win over Roberto Cyborg Abreu by three points with a backtake. In the final, Buchecha and Joao Gabriel Rocha faced off on the feet for most of the match but once on the ground and after a couple attempts, Buchecha was able to secure a heel hook for the gold.



Joao Assis wins the final of -99kg. Photo: Erin Herle

Dean Lister versus Cristiano Lazzarini ended in a heel hook for the semi-final. On the other side of the bracket Joao Assis defeated Leo Nogueira with a harsh heel hook. In the final, Joao Assis and Dean Lister went the distance with points scored only near the end. The time limit was reached with Joao on Dean’s back with both hooks in and a rear naked choke in the works.


Romulo Barral works to take the back of Rafael Lovato Jr. Photo: Erin Herle

Rafael Lovato Jr. and Pablo Popovitch faced each other in the semi-final that went into one overtime and was a close match until the very end as Lovato won via one penalty for Pablo. In the other semi-final, Keenan Cornelius and Romulo Barral took turns with takedown attempts and backtakes but Romulo came out with the win after one overtime and a penalty for Keenan. In the final, Romulo and Rafael Lovato Jr. stood standing for nearly the entire match with some takedown attempts exchanged and a heel hook attempt from Lovato. In the last minute, Romulo secured the back and earned three points for the win.


Kron Gracie secures a guillotine on Otavio Sousa. Photo: Erin Herle

Kron Gracie and JT Torres in the semi-final ended with Kron securing an armbar in the first half of the match. Otavio Sousa was able to take the back of Leo Vieira and gain three points to move on. In the final, Kron and Otavio stood standing with a penalty given to Otavio for backing away too much. When it finally went to the ground, Otavio had shot in for a takedown and Kron secured a guillotine which ended the match.


Cobrinha Charles defeats Rafael Mendes by referee decision. Photo: Erin Herle

Rafael Mendes spent his semi-final match attempting to pass Joao Miyao’s guard and earned a takedown in overtime for the win. Rubens Cobrinha Charles faced Justin Rader and won after a sweep in the second half of the match. In the final, Cobrinha and Rafa went into two overtimes since the score was tied from Cobrinha’s takedown and Rafa’s sweep. Eventually it came down to referee decision and Cobrinha earned the gold.



Gabi Garcia secures a choke. Photo: Erin Herle

Gabi Garcia faced Maria Malyjasiak in the final. Gabi took Maria down and secured a darce that ended the match.


Michelle Nicolini with a toehold on Luanna Alzuguir. Photo: Erin Herle

Michelle Nicolini faced Luanna Alzuguir in the final. After Michelle pulled guard she got ahold of Luanna’s foot and ended the match with a toehold.


Mario Sperry and Fabio Gurgel went into two overtimes with no points scored. At the end, Mario Sperry earned the referee decision.

Male Absolute

Dean Lister defeated Hideki Sekine by heel hook
Rustam Chsiev defeated Orlando Sanchezby three points
Marcus Almeida defeated Garry Tonon by three points
Oskar Piechota defeated Vinny Pezao by three points
Keenan Cornelius defeated Ezra Lenon by heel hook
Roberto Cyborg defeated Kamil Uminski by rear naked choke
Jared Dopp defeated Leo Nogueira by two points
Joao Gabriel Rocha defeated David Avellan by eight points


Marcus Almeida defeated Rustam Chsiev by four points
Dean Lister defeated Joao Gabriel Rocha by heel hook
Keenan Cornelius defeated Oskar Piechota by six points
Roberto Cyborg defeated Garry Tonon (who stepped in for an injured Jared Dopp) by eleven points


Marcus Almeida defeated Dean Lister by five points
Roberto Cyborg defeated Keenan Cornelius by six points

Bronze medal match

Keenan Cornelius defeated Dean Lister by three points


Roberto Cyborg went against Marcus Almeida in a slow match that elevated quickly once the second half of the match started with points allowed. After takedowns were secured by Cyborg, Buchecha hurried to catch up but it cost him more points against him and he wasn’t able to secure a submission for the win. Cyborg won by ten points.

In response to his win, Cyborg said, “Truly, it wasn’t even in my best dreams to become champion of the open class. I worked my whole life for it.” After losing to Buchecha in the semifinal of his weight category, he came back with a new strategy and new drive that paid off.



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