ADCC 2013: Prepare for the ADCC livestream by understanding the unique rules

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The rules meeting at the 2013 ADCC. Photo: Erin Herle

The ADCC rules are different from other Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. With the 2013 edition nearing in mere hours, it’s important for all to understand the guidelines for a better viewing experience. The 2013 ADCC Submission Fighting World Championship is Saturday, Oct. 19 and Sunday, Oct.20 in Beijing, China.

Match times/rules for each half

Each match is ten minutes and the finals are twenty minutes. For the first half (five or ten minute mark) there are no points. It is submission-only. Warnings are still applicable and if two warnings are given then a negative point will follow. The minus point will be added once the half minute mark is up. The second half of the match is for points. Any position already made will not be rewarded with points, only the action that happens after the halfway point.


Takedowns that end in guard position are two points. Takedowns that are completed with the opponent held in side control or mount receive three points. Athletes must hold their opponent for three seconds to gain the points. No spiking an opponent on their head from a takedown. Trips or throws are treated the same way.

Three points are given when athletes pass the guard and hold for three seconds. The opponent’s back must be over halfway touching the mat to get points and secure the position. If the pass is not held and athlete moves straight into mount, only three points will be given.

Knee on belly is two points and must have contact with stomach, not chest or side. Must hold for three seconds. If athlete wants to switch sides they must wait three seconds in between and hold again to be rewarded another two points.

Back mount with hooks is three points and body triangles are okay. Athlete can let go of body triangle, hold regular hooks for three seconds and then switch to opposite leg triangle lock to gain another three points. Crossing the feet is okay.

Sweeps are two points and can be done from anywhere. As long as an athlete goes from bottom to top and opponents are facing each other, points are given. Reversals from mount are also counted.

Negative points

Jumping or pulling guard and remains for three seconds or more will gain a negative point at any time during the match. If it happens in the submission-only half, the negative point will be added as soon as the halfway point of the match is reached. Fake takedown attempts to create a situation to pull guard will gain negative points as takedowns must be fully attempted.

Backing away from an opponent instead of trying to pass the guard will earn a negative point.

Stalling while in the guard or dominant position and remaining passive will earn two warnings and then a negative point. If the stalling continues after the first negative point is given, no warnings will be given and only a negative point thereafter.

Special situations

If athlete is in mount and goes for an armbar submission and the opponent gets out and ends up on top, no points will be given for the sweep. Same goes for a footlock attempted from top and ended on bottom. Opponent will not gain points for a sweep as long as the submission attempts are legitimate.

An athlete must physically tap to submit to an opponent or verbally say “Tap,” “I give up” or similar. Yells or screams in pain will not suffice.

All positions that go out of the mat area will restart in the center in the position athletes were in when referee yelled “stop.”

Unique illegal moves

Crucifix positions that put pressure on both shoulders or neck are not allowed.

Closing the guillotine or darce choke on the chin is not allowed.

Slamming is only allowed to escape submission. If opponent lets go of submission during an attempted slam, athlete must try to let go and abort the slam. Any other situation is not allowed.

For a rear naked choke, pressure directly on the nose is not allowed.

Unique legal moves

Heel hooks are okay.

Reaping the knee or bringing the leg over opponent’s leg from outside to inside is okay.

Twisters or spine locks are okay.


Now that you can follow along with the rest of the athletes, check out the livestream links here.




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