Worlds No-Gi: ten images that will make you want to register today

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The registration period for the 2013 World No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu Championship ends on October 25.

So you have 10 more days (counting today) to be a part of the seventh edition of the most important No-Gi event of the season.

If you are in doubt, here are 10 images from last years that will put you in the mood to register now.

1. The controversy: The final result of the black belt lightweight final was one of the most controversial outcomes of a Jiu-Jitsu match in a while. After a fierce battle, Tanquinho defeated JT Torres by one advantage. The discussion went on in the social medias for days after the fight.

Tanquinho, JT Torres, Worlds No Gi

2. The look: The image says all. A last minute guard pass gave Pablo Popovitch the black belt medium-heavyweight gold. Rominho’s look and Pablo’s arm raised are the perfect complement for the score board displaying the final result.

Romulo Barral, Pablo Popovitch, Worlds No-Gi

3. The disappointment and the overjoying: The female black belt absolute was decided by the three refs. The image shows who came out on top between Tammy Griego (right) and Beatriz Mesquita.

Beatriz Mesquita, Tammy Griecco, Worlds No-Gi

4. No gi, no grips: This image from the black belt heavyweight final between Roberto Alencar and Rafael Lovato Jr is yet another proof of how different the mechanics of the no-gi match is. Adapt or die trying.

Roberto Alencar, Rafael Lovato Jr, Worlds No-Gi

5. It’s RNC land: In gi championships, it’s rare to see this choke in action. Fighters prefer to use the lapels, naturally. As rash guards lack those big flapping pieces of cloth, you see a lot more of this basic chokes like Bernardo Faria is displaying.

Bernardo Faria, Worlds No Gi

6. Fierce ladies: Luiza Monteiro and all the other ladies gave their all in 2012. All signs point to another great weekend of matches in the female division.

7. Comradery: Xande Ribeiro’s gesture is the translation for the amazing energy that fills the venue during the entire weekend. The matches are fought with full intensity until the very end, but usually the best of sentiments kick in once the ref says “parou”(stop)!

Xande Ribeiro, Bernardo Faria, Worlds No-Gi

8. Some wrestling, please: When the gis come off, so do the judo takedowns, for the most part. That’s why if you have a good wrestling game the Worlds No-Gi is the place for you.

9. New faces: Like DJ Jackson, black belt middleweight champion in 2012, the Worlds No-Gi is a common stage for new beasts to shine.

DJ Jackson, Worlds No-Gi

10. Meet the best in the game: A trip to Long Beach in the weekend of November 2-3 is a sure thing to be around some of the best Jiu-Jitsu players in the world.

Alexandre RIbeiro, Leandro Lo, Worlds No-Gi

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