JT Torres teaches the kids at GMA Savarese BJJ a day before the Pan No-Gi

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JT Torres, while in town to compete in the IBJJF Pan No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu Championship, stopped by his friend Chris Savarese’s academy, Savarese BJJ in Lyndhurst, NJ to give a kids-only seminar on Friday night, Sept. 27. He returned to his NJ/NY roots from the Atos academy in San Diego, CA where he now resides under GMA member Andre Galvao.

Professor Savarese has been trying to offer kids-only seminars as of late and has seen a good reaction in the kids learning more about BJJ and its roots as well as following the tournament scene more closely. In July, friend and fellow GMA member Rafael Lovato Jr. taught his own kids-only class as well.

The focus on the kids is explained by Professor Savarese: “We constantly have friends of mine in for seminars for the adults and the kids were getting short-changed. I used to play baseball and it was always easier for kids to relate to their “baseball heroes. After watching Professor Rafael Lovato Jr. do a kids-only seminar at our academy, we noticed more children showing up to watch him compete at our Metamoris party and cheering him on. They are constantly asking when he competes next. Now a bunch of our kids are going to watch JT compete tomorrow as well as our competition team at the No-Gi Pan. It has been a positive experience for them.”

JT taught some takedowns, a guard pass and some of his trademark finishes from the back. He even played some games that the kids loved! After the techniques he watched them train together and gave them pointers.

For more information about Savarese BJJ and their kids program, go to www.njbjj.com

JT shows a bow-and-arrow choke. Photo: Chris Savarese

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