Video: Avoid the berimbolo with a… backflip?

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As one blue belt works the berimbolo position and transitions to a very advantageous back-taking opportunity, his opponent feels trapped. What should he do?

Should he run outside of the mat which is only inches away? Should he try to quickly turn into his opponent? Maybe if he avoids the seatbelt grip he can still work a traditional back escape. Or is he doomed?

One man, one backflip. Check out this very interesting and successful way that one blue belt was able to use to prevent having his back taken. We don’t recommend you try this, at all:

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  1. Timothy Torres VP at 7:08 pm

    wow, that's amazing, I must learn how to do a back flip now lmao! Do you think if the guy kept his hooks in and transitioned with the back flip, he wouldve still had an advantage? it seem like if he grabbed the belt along with his butterfly hooks, he mightve kept the back.

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