Happy birthday to Mauricio Gomes. Watch him compete in 1981

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Seventh-degree red and black belt Mauricio Gomes is celebrating another birthday today.

One of the six people to be graduated a black belt by the legendary Rolls Gracie, Maurição is also well know for being the father of Roger Gracie.

Mauricio first got in touch with Jiu-Jitsu as a kid, when his father took him to the original Gracie Academy, in downtown Rio de Janeiro.

His first professor was João Alberto Barreto, but he soon came under the influence of Rolls Gracie and soon they became great friends.

He then married Rolls’ sister Reila Gracie with whom he had Roger Gracie, born in 1981.

Coincidentally, the video below was taped in 1981 and registered Gomes’match against Otávio Peixoto Oliveira (Carlson Gracie Team).

In fact, the match happened only two months after Roger was born.

It was the Rio de Janeiro State Jiu-Jitsu Championship adult brown belt absolute final.

Mauricio is the taller athlete in the video.

Let’s watch it.

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