Romero Jacare comments on Gurgel’s style and ADCC match: ‘I think this is Jiu-Jitsu’

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Leaders of Alliance, Alexandre Gigi Paiva, Romero Jacare Cavalcanti and Fabio Gurgel; Rio, Atlanta and Sao Paulo. Photo: Rubens Charles Maciel

In a recentl Facebook post, Alliance founder Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti shared a 1994 match between his Alliance counterpart Fabio Gurgel and Leo Dalla. He commented, “Fabio Gurgel trademark pressure on top, trying to mount, always looking to finish his opponent until the end of the match. I think this is Jiu-Jitsu is very different from some boring matches we see nowadays. Please enjoy and learn.”

And to GRACIEMAG, he told us how he thinks that match will pan out: “Fabio has always had a very forward game, always looking to finish. If he is on top trying to pass the guard. He always looks for the classic combination to get to the side mount and then proceed to mount and finish. His game always involves a lot pressure but the goal is to finish. I think he will do very well against Ze Mario, who is a very tough opponent. I think it will be an awesome match. Two guys with very different styles but I hope Fabio gets the win!”

Gurgel’s upcoming superfight with Ze Mario Sperry will be at ADCC in Beijing, China this October. Even though this match will be without the gi, the pressure is still useful and we can bet that Gurgel will have it in his arsenal.

What do you think of the match below compared to what we see today?

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