These pictures of UFC’s Mark Munoz before and after weight loss are amazing

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UFC 162’s Mark Munoz is a middleweight. But for a time after his last fight, the “Filipino Wrecking Machine” grew to over 260 pounds while dealing with an injury that kept him out of competition.

As seen in issue No. 195 of GRACIEMAG, Munoz said he was depressed and turned to food as comfort for his low emotional state. Thanks to support from those close to him, the fighter decided to get back on track and slim down again.

Look below at the before-and-after photos of Munoz. From 261 pounds down to 199 in five months.



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  1. Sam Gardner at 6:27 pm

    3 lbs. a week, very doable with the right diet and hard work. Much easier to do when you have the elite athletic background to draw from that he has.

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