Silva responds to GSP, addresses welterweight champ’s support of Chris Weidman

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The day is coming for Anderson Silva to put his belt on the line versus Chris Weidman. Confident, the champion says nothing his opponent can do will surprise him. Photo: Screenshot

On Tuesday afternoon, Anderson Silva, Chris Weidman and Dana White took part in a press conference via phone to promote UFC 162, scheduled for July 6 in Las Vegas.

The UFC’s middleweight champion could not dodge the journalists’ curiosity to know how he felt about the fact that Georges St-Pierre said in several interviews that he not only roots for Chris Weidman, but in fact believes the American is going to win easily.

As always, Silva kept his cool and addressed GSP’s words.

“Imagine if I were to listen to all that’s said about me,” he said. “Everyone can do and say as they please. [GSP] had his chance to step up and fight me, but chose not to. A talking parrot is better than a legless turtle.”

The “Spider” also said he does not see Weidman as the biggest challenge of his career, and referred to his own experience and long journey inside the Octagon to explain his viewpoint.

“Every bout is a new challenge,” he said. “Whoever is better prepared is going to win. I’ve been fighting since I was 8 years old, so to me there isn’t a lot of new stuff in there. Nothing he can do will surprise me. Defeat and victory walk side by side. My experience makes me not worry about what my opponent is going to do. I worry about being better than I am, not better than Chris Weidman.”

UFC 162

MGM Arena, Las Vegas, USA

July 6, 2013

Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman

Frankie Edgar vs Charles Do Bronx

Tim Keneddy vs Roger Gracie

Mark Muñoz vs Tim Boetsch

Cub Swanson vs Dennis Siver


Chris Leben vs Andrew Craig

Norman Parke vs Kazuki Tokudome

Gabriel Napão vs Dave Herman

Edson Barboza vs Rafaello Trator

Seth Baczynski vs Brian Melancon

Mike Pearce vs David Mitchel

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There are 34 comments for this article
  1. Jin Yang at 4:13 pm

    and silva had the chance to fight jon jones and didn't. theyre the same, its not a good fight for gsp, but IMO silva has a better chance at defeating jon jones than GSP beating anderson. its not easy fighting someone who has a longer and bigger bone structure.

    • Cody Byrd at 8:06 pm

      This makes absolutely zero sense, you're telling me that gsp has less of a chance beating anderson silva, when they have a 1 inch reach difference, than silva does beating jones, when jones has a 7 inch reach advantage on silva, because "its not easy fighting someone who has a longer and bigger bone structure."? If you apply your own logic to your statement it makes no sense. If you honestly think that fighting someone with a long bigger bone structure is hard (which is true) than your money should be on Jones.

    • Jin Yang at 11:11 pm

      yes, anderson is natrually around 220 pounds, he is 4 inches taller. height and reach both matter not to mention bone structure. you only mentioned jones reach advantage. were can both have opinoins and thats my opinion. also, from my experience when you fight ppl taller than you, you lean forward when you strike and its not the best place to be in. use to train muathai and jiu jistue.

    • Jin Yang at 11:13 pm

      one more thing, i do think jones would beat silva i wouldtn be surprised if silva wins but i think jones would take it.. but my statement was that i think sliva has a better chance of beating jones than gsp beating silva.

    • Gabriel Lacroix at 8:54 pm

      Oh wait, does his shitty words against GSP apply to himself when he turned down the JJ fight? Please Silva is not stupid, and he knows what to say and what not to say. "The King" lol. I always Lol when ppl fanboy over Silva.

  2. Shirwac Abdi at 11:03 pm

    I just want to see a good fight and hopefully silva come out on top. Then face jon jones cause clearly GSP is afraid to fight silva and rightfully so.

  3. Pete Malecki at 11:13 pm

    UFC sucks dick if I wanted to watch 2 guys wrestle around on a mat half naked I'd watch a homevideo of your 2 gay daddies getting it on.

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