No limitations for 11-year-old training Jiu-Jitsu after debilitating car accident

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Thiago Leopoldo. Photo: Disclosed/Youtube

Thiago Leopoldo, 11, was supposed to be another sad victim of car accidents that kill or injure many Brazilians. But the young boy from Blumenau didn’t want to be bound by this destiny.

Even after losing movement in one of his arms and some movements of one of his legs, Thiago went for it.

“His doctor would not allow him to train Jiu-Jitsu, fearing that he would get hurt, but our instructor Luciano a Rosa talked to the doctor and convinced him to allow Thiago, who has been training for almost a year and never misses training,” explained Jean Feijo, from Gracie Floripa gym.

When learning new positions, Thiago never complains about his limitations.

“I never heard him say he can’t perform a move. He always finds a way to adapt the positions and Jiu-Jitsu to his reality. Training with this boy is always a learning experience for us all,” explains the professor.

Watch Thiago in action and be inspired. Is there a young athlete like him at your gym? Tell us how it motivates you.

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