2013 Worlds: Leandro Lo’s stamina at lightweight

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Leandro Lo got his second world title at lightweight. Photo: Ivan Trindade

Lightweight Leandro Lo achieved quite a feat in the 2013 Worlds last Sunday, June 2nd.

He was one of the champions praised most by athletes, masters and the audience, even without subbing anyone in the process. The now two-time champ impressed people with his technique, his guard play and his stamina. These traits kept him completely out of danger against black belts as strong as Rafael Rosendo, Vinicius Marinho, Lucas Lepri and runner-up Michael Langhi, whom he swept in the final for a 2-0 score.

Could Leandro have a weakness?

Before the 2013 Worlds, we sent a reporter to the city of Niterói to get the scoop on Lo’s daily routine during his stay in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Upon returning, our detective had the following to say: “Lo trains all day. P.S. He drinks soda by the gallon.” We asked Lo what he loves more than Jiu-Jitsu. “Maybe the beach. If I lived in Rio I’d be at the beach all day every day and probably wouldn’t train.”

So, while opponents might have a hard time putting this to use, there’s the weakness.

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