Worlds: Gui Mendes is out and light featherweight final is Ary vs Gabriel Moraes

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Ary Farias after fighting Laércio Fernandes. Photo:GRACIEMAG

It was noon in California when the light featherweight final was defined. Gabriel Moraes will be taking on Ary Farias. This is how the brackets played out:



Yukinori Sasa defeated Samuel Braga by 2 penalties on a 2-2 score

Ary Farias pegou took Laércio Fernandes’s back

Gabriel Moraes swept Gabriel Willcox on his wat to a 6-4 score

Daniel Beleza defeated Guilherme Mendes by judges’ decision on 1 advantage each


Ary Farias passed Yukinori Sasa’s guard
Gabriel Moraes defeated Daniel Beleza with advantages (2-2 in points)

FINAL: Ary Farias vs Gabriel Moraes

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