Heavyweight: Lucas Leite beats Xande, faces Rodolfo in final

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Xande Ribeiro. Photo: GRACIEMAG


The CheckMat team wanted to let Lucas Leite loose in the open, but he decided to spare himself. It was worth it, as he dispatched Roberto Tussa and then defeated Xande Ribeiro in a judges’ decision. Defending champion Rodolfo is the other half of the final.

Rodolfo Vieira defeated Yuri Simões 8-0
Nivaldo Lima defeated Fabiano Leite with na ezequiel from the back
Lucas Leite got Roberto Tussa’s back and won 16-0
Xande Ribeiro subbed Max de Freitas from the mount

Rodolfo Vieira defeated Nivaldo Lima via katagatame
Lucas Leite swept Xande Ribeiro and won by decision (2-2 score)

FINAL: Rodolfo Vieira vs Lucas Leite

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