2013 Worlds: Gabi absolute and other female champions

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Michelle Nicolini gains another world title, this time in the medium-heavy division repeating her performance from 2010. Photo: Erin Herle

On Sunday, June 2 in Long Beach, CA the 2013 World Championship finals of the black belts began with the females at 3 p.m. PST. Each ten minute match ran on a single large mat as the division’s third place winners awaited to greet the two other victors on the podium directly after each match.

Here are the results of the female black belt finals by division:

Light-Feather: Gezary Matuda Kubis – American Top Team

Gezary faced Team Lloyd Irvin’s Nyjah Easton in a match that went the distance. Nyjah pulled guard and Gezary was able to gain three advantages for guard passing and back-taking attempts. The end score was 3-0 in advantages with no points. This is both competitor’s first year at black belt and Gezary won the brown belt light-feather division at the 2012 World Championship.

Feather: Marina Ribeiro – Checkmat

Marina faced Luiza Monteiro of Cicero Costha which began with a double guard pull. Luiza Monteiro came up right away and maintained her base for most of the match gaining advantages for guard passing attempts. At the last minute Marina swept Luiza and won the match with a two point lead. The end score was 2-0 in points for Marina, 0-2 in advantages.This is her first black belt world title.

Light: Beatriz Mesquita – Gracia Humaita

Beatriz faced Gracie Barra’s Fabiana Borges and was able to submit with an armbar with 7:39 left in the match. Fabiana pulled guard and was able to sweep right away but Bia capitalized and submitted not long after. This is Bia’s second world title and so far she has won both black belt worlds she has entered in the last two years.

Middle: Luanna Alzuguir – Alliance

Luanna faced Vanessa Oliveira of GFTeam in a full ten minute match. Both pulled guard and stayed there long enough to be called for stalling and given one penalty each before Luanna took the initiative to come up and attempt to pass. Vanessa swept Luanna and Luanna was able to sweep back and gain two advantages for passing attempts to win the match. The end score was 2-2 with 2-0 in advantages for Luanna. This is her fifth black belt world title.

Medium-Heavy: Michelle Nicolini – Checkmat

Michelle faced Fernanda Mazzelli of Striker JJ in what could have been the final of the open weight division. Walking at featherweight, Michelle decided to sign up for a heavier division and was able to submit Fernanda in the final to gain her seventh black belt world title. Michelle pulled guard then ended the match with a toehold with 7:18 left in the match.

Heavy: Andresa Correa – Alliance

Andresa closed out the division with her Alliance team member and reigning open weight champion Gabrielle Garcia. This is Andresa’s first year at black belt therefore making this her first black belt world title.

Absolute: Gabrielle Garcia – Alliance

Gabi Garcia faced Beatriz Mesquita in a match we’ve seen many times before. Gabi earned an advantage for a takedown attempt that went out of bounds since Bia chose to stay standing. Gabi gained a takedown earning two points and two more advantages when Bia turtled. After not enough movement while Bia was turtled, Gabi gained one penalty point. Once they reset, Bia recovered to closed guard and Gabi opened and passed. The end score was 5 points, 3 advantages and 1 penalty for Gabi and 0-0-0 for Bia. This is her fourth time winning the open weight division.

To see the full results of the 2013 World Championship click here.

See the full gallery of the finals below:

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