2013 Worlds: Buchecha reigns absolute again; see other champions

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Buchecha attacks Rodolfo's arm in the open class final

Buchecha attacks Rodolfo’s arm in the open class final

As for the next 12 months, no doubt will haunt the minds of those who are members of the Jiu-jitsu community.

Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida is the best competitor of the moment.

With infinite pressure and an array of fast movements that make his opponents always fall behind and on the defense, the now two-time world champion was clearly on another level during the two days of competitions for the black belt division at the 2013 Worlds.

His biggest opponent was Rodolfo Vieira, another beast who did not allow any points to be scored on him during his entire run in the absolute, with the exception of the final.

When facing Buchecha, Rodolfo was unable to put his game plan in action, once Buchecha would not allow it.

At the beginning, Buchecha tried a takedown and then pulled guard. Before Rodolfo could begin working the pass, the sweep came and Buchecha was on top, already trying to pass.

Rodolfo managed to avoid the pass, but an advantage was scored.

Buchecha then went for Rodolfo’s back and put the hooks to score 6-0. Rodolfo managed to defend his neck, stood up and went back to Buchecha’s guard.

At this point, Rodolfo had his best moment in the fight, when he tried to pass Buchecha’s guard.

The champion defended it and started attacking again.

Back on top, Buchecha finally passed Rodolfo’s guard to set the score 9-0.

The fight ended with Buchecha attacking Rodolfo’s arm.

There’s a new two-time male adult black belt open class world champion.

Buchecha prooved in 10 minutes against the second best that he is the best of the moment.

No doubt about it.

Here is a brief account on how the other black belt champions were crowned.

Buchecha is the ultraheavy world champion after a close out with his Professor Rodrigo Cavaca.

Bernardo Faria conquered his second world title in the heavyweight division. He beat João Gabriel Rocha 6-0 in a thrilling match.

After passing Lucas Leite’s guard several times, Rodolfo Vieira choked the opponent to become three-time heavyweight world champion.

Rômulo Barral closed out the medium-heavy division with teammate Braulio Estima to get his fourth world title.

Otavio Sousa is now a two-time black belt world champion. He defeated Claudio Calasans Jr 4-2 (two sweeps) to claim his second gold medal in a row at the middleweight division

Leandro Lo is now a two-time world champion. He defeated Michael Langhi 2-0 with a sweep.

Augusto Tanquinho Mendes is finally a Gi black belt world champion. In a last minute effort, he defeated Rafael Mendes 2-1 on advantages after a 2-2 tie on points.

Gabriel Moraes is the lightfeatherweight world champion. He defeated Ary Farias by one penalty (1-2) after a 0-0 tie in points and 3-3 on advantages.

Caio Terra swept Bruno Malfacine in the last seconds to win 4-2 and become two-time roosterweight world champion.


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