2013 Worlds: Black belt female open weight division déjà vu with Gabi and Bia

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Gabrielle Garcia against Luiza Monteiro in semi-final match / Photo: Erin Herle


The 2013 World Championship day three is underway with the black belt female open weight division finished for the day. The matches started and ended on the same mats leaving the final between Gabi Garcia of Alliance and Beatriz Mesquita of Gracie Humaita to play out tomorrow, Sunday June 2.

The first match was Tracey Goodell of Atos against Luzia Fernandes of Gracie Barra. Tracey the lightweight was able to play her guard and fend off the heavyweight to gain three advantages over Luzia’s one advantage.

The next match was Ida Hansson of Checkmat in Sweden against Nadia Maria Rodrigues of GFTeam. Nadia was able to gain points against Ida but after her back was taken, a rear naked choke decided her fate and the win went to middleweight Ida Hansson.

Tammy Griego of Gracie Barra had her first match against Shanti Abelha, another Swedish Checkmat middleweight and was able to get out of bottom half and complete an omoplata submission. Tammy Griego moved into the quarterfinals.

Luiza Monteiro took to the mat with her long sleeve rash guard following through when she told us yesterday she would be using the open weight division to help her make weight for the featherweight division later in the day. Her match against Gracie Elite Team medium-heavyweight Talita Nogueira went to the ten minute maximum and was decided by points. The score was 6-0 in points with Luiza moving to the semi-finals.

The next match for Tracey Goodell was against fellow lightweight Beatriz Mesquita who had a bye the previous round. The two guard players went to the ground with Tracey getting to her guard but Beatriz was able to pass and secure points before Tracey recovered. Bia moved to mount and the back and secured ten points total over Tracey to move to the semi-finals in the bracket.

Luanna Alzuguir with a triangle / Photo: Erin Herle

Luanna Alzuguir also had a bye and she stepped in to match-up against Ida Hansson. The two middleweights swept each other but Ida took the lead with two more points over Luanna before being caught in a triangle. In an attempt to defend the submission, Ida moved forward leaving the two out of bounds and ending the match with a disqualification. Fleeing the mat while in a submission counts as a DQ and Luanna Alzuguir of Alliance moved on to the semi-finals.

The last quarterfinal match was between Tammy Griego and reigning champion Gabrielle Garcia who had a bye. The match went the full distance of ten minutes with Tammy defending her guard against Gabi who pressured from top half, flattening Tammy for advantage points. The score was 3-1 in advantages with Gabi moving to the semi-finals.

The first semi-final match was between Beatriz and Luanna. Beatriz pulled guard and quickly placed a triangle on Luanna who maintained her composure. The referee called stalling points but reversed the decision. Beatriz was able to sweep to mount with the triangle and earn the two points necessary to win the match as Luanna held out for ten minutes despite other attacks by Beatriz that targeted Luanna’s arms. Beatriz secures her spot in the final tomorrow.

The last match of the division for today was the semi-final between featherweight Luiza Monteiro and heavyweight Gabrielle Garcia. Decided upon a relatively quick lapel choke, Gabi submitted Luiza to secure her spot in the final as well.

The final for the black belt open weight division will be held tomorrow, Sunday June 2 at 4:40 p.m. PST as the last final of the day. Stay tuned for a match that has happened three times already this year alone and see if Gabi Garcia can maintain her reign.

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