10-fight deal commits Anderson Silva and Dana White to lengthening ‘crazy relationship’

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Anderson Silva (pictured) is locked in for 10 more fights with the UFC and Dana White. Photo credit: UFC

LAS VEGAS — When reports of Anderson Silva signing a 10-fight deal with the UFC first surfaced, it let the collective MMA world that the consensus greatest fighter of all time found himself a home for the rest of his career.

For UFC President Dana White, it sealed the deal on keeping what has been a hot and cold relationship with arguably his most famous fighter.

Oh, the fun of dealing with a superstar.

“We have that crazy relationship with Anderson,” White told reporters at a UFC media function during UFC 160 fight week. “But he’s a fun guy.”

The craziness that White referred to will now likely go on until Silva decides to hang up his gloves, leaving behind a legacy filled with knockouts, submissions and many more memories caged in the Octagon.

The word “crazy” runs in the same circles as the term “commitment,” which is something Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, said their camp wanted to show to the UFC.

Originally offered an eight-fight contract in their most recent negotiations, Soares and his business partner, Jorge Guimaraes, went to UFC executives and said they’ll see their eight fights and raise them two.

Camp Silva, the manager explained, offered to sign on for 10 fights in an effort to show their devotion to the mixed martial arts leader.

“The dealing was … to show our commitment to them,” Soares told GRACIEMAG.com at UFC 160 Media Day, adding, “and they stepped up and showed their commitment to us.”

The contract negotiations, Soares said, had parts that went back and forth before the deal was finalized. Like any contract, it’s not all black and white — that is, apart from the ink and paper, of course.

And now it’s all done, according to all interested parties. Silva’s career is locked into the UFC, and the 38-year-old won’t be going anywhere else to showcase his talents.

Where would Silva go, anyway? That’s a question White posted to those wondering, giving an answer just a moment after.

“He wants to be here,” said the UFC boss. “Why would he not want to be here? He’s doing OK.”

And by “doing OK,” White means Silva and his camp are happy with what they were offered and will receive over the next 10 fights. There’s no doubt about it from either side of the asylum.

“Yeah,” Soares said when asked if they were happy with the deal they got with Silva’s new contract. “Very happy.”

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There are 19 comments for this article
  1. Arjan Plomp at 12:29 pm

    At 38, will he ever fight the 10 fights? I don't see him fighting till he's 42… I don't think he''ll fight more then 3 times a year. So, after weidman, maybe one this year, and then for three more years? No way!

    • Lucas Moreira at 1:18 pm

      I could even agree if we were talking about a standard fighter, but it is not the case, he is a fighter above the average, and i believe he can fight well and win these 10 fights.

    • Steven Mills at 5:36 pm

      Good point, plus, will some or most of these be re-matches? There definitely aren't ten guys out there, he's already run through everybody like the beast that he is.

    • Looshis McFiggly at 11:43 pm

      Don't be so sure, AS is one of the greatest in the world. There's something that separates the champions from the chaff, and pulling a Couture / Foreman might be a factor. Just saying.

  2. John Lovejoy at 1:52 pm

    I believe silva could pull it off he is a one of a kind fighter a true legend in the sport only time will tell but ill say this much hes gunna have a target on his back being undefeated like he is.

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