Mundials Motivation #14: Let your family and friends watch you in your element

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Rodolfo Vieira celebrates his win with friends and family at the 2012 World Championship. Photo: Dan Rod


Reasons to compete in the 2013 World Championship starting May 29 mostly involve individual or team success with personal achievement. Out of our eighteen reasons, this one has to do with those closest to you and how they can be involved in your Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle.

Reason #14: Get your family and friends to take part on your special day.

For most, competing is important–especially at the World Championship. If you prepare for a tournament, you spend time in the gym that is designated for yourself and your teammates. Most of the time you’re putting more hours in as the date of the competition closes in, leaving you less time to spend with friends and family. So let this moment be one to share with those who were left out of your training preparation.

Whether your closest friends or your parents are watching, their support can mean the world. Being a spectator in the stands or through the livestream, the ability to include them in your success is a special experience.

Some people have had the support of their family from day one, like Atos purple belt Michael Liera, Jr. “My dad and I have always been together every tournament and I owe a lot of my success to him. Ever since I was a kid white belt he helped me so much in developing my competition mind set,” he explains. With a world title as a blue belt already from 2011, the influence of his family leads to great results. “A few years ago my mom and sister started coming, too. It’s really nice to have all of them there and to see all of the support they give me. I love having them in my corner at all times!”

Another person who enjoys the support of their family is three time world champion black belt Romulo Barral. A champion who has medaled at the worlds more than ten times since 2004, he gives a lot of credit to his biggest fans. He says, “It means the world to have my family watch, especially for the first time. They are the real supporters, through a win or a defeat they are the ones who will always be with you.”

Compete in the Worlds and let your family and friends be there for you on what could be a monumental day. Don’t let it happen alone!

[highlight]And don’t forget to register for the 2013 World Championship to be held May 29 – June 2 at the Long Beach Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, CA. Click here to sign up before May 21![/highlight]

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