The best photos of Copa Podio Lightweight Grand Prix

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Did you like the photos by Gustavo Aragão? Review the complete results:

Copa Podio – Lightweight GP

Clube Hebraica, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

May 5, 2013

Team Challenge 1st round
Vinicius Marinho passed the guard and beat Fernando Tererê (Alliance) by 8-2

City Challenge
Xande Ribeiro (Manaus) passed the gaurd and beat Bráulio Estima (Recife) by 5-2

Lightweight GP 1st round

Rodrigo Magalhães beat Oliver Geddes by 6-0
Augusto Tio Chico drew with DJ Jackson
Clark Gracie submitted Brandon Magana with a clock choke
Leandro Lo beat Diego Borges by 1 advantage to 0

Lightweight GP 2nd round

Vinicius Marinho beat Oliver Geddes by 6-0
Tio Chico beat Rodrigo Magalhães by medical termination (finger on the eye)
Juan Kamezawa drew with Clark Gracie
Leandro Lo beat Brandon Magana by 18-0

Lightweight GP 3rd round

DJ Jackson submitted Oliver Geddes with a wrist lock
Vinicius Marinho beat Rodrigo Magalhães by disqualification (penalty)
Diego Borges beat Clark Gracie by 2-0
Juan Kamezawa submitted Brandon Magana with a toehold

Lightweight GP 4th round

Tio Chico beat Oliver Geddes by 5-0
Vinicius Marinho beat DJ Jackson by 1 advantage to 0
Leandro Lo beat Clark Gracie by 13-0
Diego Borges beat Juan Kamezawa

Lightweight GP 5th round

DJ Jackson beat Rodrigo Magalhães by 3-0 in the last seconds
Vinicius Marinho beat Tio Chico by disqualification (gestures to the public)
Diego Borges beat Brandon Magana by 8-0
Leandro Lo beat Juan Kamezawa by 10-0

Team Challenge 2nd round
Rodolfo Vieira beat Leonardo Leite by 6-0 – up to 98kg

Lightweight GP semifinals

Diego Borges beat Vinicius Marinho by 8-0
Leandro Lo beat DJ Jackson por 6-2

Team Challenge 3rd round
Dimitrius Souza beat Léo Maciel by 2-0 – up to 86kg (GFTeam beat Alliance by 2-1)

Lightweight GP 3rd place dispute
Vinicius Marinho beat DJ Jackson by 1 advantage

Superfight: Rodolfo Vieira beat Ricardo Demente by 3-0 in advantages

Lightweight GP: FINAL
Leandro Lo (Cicero Costha) beat Diego Borges (CheckMat Manaus) by 1 advantage to 0

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