Anderson Silva explains missing UFC 162 pre-fight event

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In the early hours of today, Tuesday, news began popping on the internet stating that Anderson Silva missed a press event organized by the UFC in Los Angeles to publicize his UFC 162 fight against Chris Weidman. USA Today quoted UFC President Dana White stating that the champion would be fined $50,000 for missing the presser.

The fighter landed today in Brazil, and spoke with the fighter. Silva explained that there was a miscommunication, and that he was only informed by the UFC on Monday as he was leaving for the airport.

“I never missed any commitment to the UFC,” Silva told the Brazilian site. “Everyone knows that I always lock my media schedule to devote myself to training. That is my priority. I am an athlete and my focus will always be to train and be prepared for the challenges.”

Unsurprisingly, the champion does not like to give interviews in the training period before his fights.

UFC 162 takes place on July 6 in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand.

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  1. Damian Shwarz at 12:27 am

    Dana is a fuckwit. Money and advertising is all he cares about. Hes taken the purity out of the sport.

    • Dio Brando at 5:51 pm

      Dana wants his fighters to show up at the press conference. Simple as that. It's nothing typical to the UFC or Dana.

  2. Oshana Vajira at 7:50 am

    I think only a warning will be enough for missing the presser. because this is Spider's first time to miss a presser for his whole carrier.

    • Dio Brando at 10:01 pm

      If Andersoon indeed "refused" to participate, then the fee is possibly adequate. Dana judged he has to lay the rules hard from the beginning with intentional disobedience or else you spoil a top dog and they will skip more out of whim.

  3. Brion Gabriel at 11:35 am

    I completely respect Anderson Silva. As usual, he handled the situation with class. If the rules say he is to be fined for missing an event, so be it. You didn't hear him moaning and complaining. He had a reasonable explanation for missing the event, but you still didn't hear him bitch or moan about it. He is the consummate professional!

    • Dio Brando at 5:50 pm

      Anderson may very well be lying. If he is a professional, he could have rescheduled his flight back to Brazil and stayed around until Tuesday. The UFC states that Anderson refused to stay, not that Anderson was not reachable or was missing in action. Now, regarding the aftermath, I don't know if he will end up paying that full fine, or will try to soft talk his way out of it, and just bite the bullet and go with the rest of the prize, perhaps aim for a ko bonus.

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