Lightweight GP: Leandro Lo beats DJ Jackson in the semi and Diego Borges in the final

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Champion Leandro Lo in the final with Diego Borges, during Copa Pódio Photo: Gustavo Aragão/GRACIEMAG

Leandro Lo was once again the big name of Copa Podio yesterday, Sunday, at Club Hebraica in Rio de Janeiro.

“The final against Diego Borges was my toughest fight. Our first fight was too complicated, but I have to highlight the final to emphasize it,” smiled the student of Cicero Costha, who defeated Diego twice, both with just an advantage (sweep attempt).

In the superfights, Rodolfo Vieira beat Ricardo Demented, 3-0, in advantages as well, but put a lot of pressure towards taking the back, he just didn’t apply the hooks.

In the Teams Challenge, GFTeam won. Vinicius Marinho passed the guard of Tererê, Rodolfo swept and took the back of Leo Leite and Dimitrius Souza beat Leonardo Maciel. In the end, it was 14-2 for Professor Julio Cesar’s team.

Xande Ribeiro also made waves, passing the guard of Braulio Estima and winning by a score of 5-2. “I never thought you were going to use the berimbolo,” said Xande to Carcará.

See the complete results:

Copa Pódio – Lightweight GP

Clube Hebraica, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

May 5, 2013

Team Challenge 1st round
Vinicius Marinho passed the guard and beat Fernando Tererê (Alliance) by 5-2

City Challenge
Xande Ribeiro (Manaus) passed the guard and beat Bráulio Estima (Recife) by 5-2

Lightweight GP 1st round

Rodrigo Magalhães beat Oliver Geddes by 6-0
Augusto Tio Chico drew with DJ Jackson
Clark Gracie submitted Brandon Magana with a clock choke
Leandro Lo beat Diego Borges by 1-0 (advantage)

Lightweight GP 2nd round

Vinicius Marinho beat Oliver Geddes by 6-0
Tio Chico beat Rodrigo Magalhães for medical termination (finger in the eye)
Juan Kamezawa drew with Clark Gracie
Leandro Lo beat Brandon Magana by 18-0

Lightweight GP 3rd round

DJ Jackson submitted Oliver Geddes with a wrist lock
Vinicius Marinho beat Rodrigo Magalhães by disqualification (penalties)
Diego Borges beat Clark Gracie by 2-0
Juan Kamezawa submitted Brandon Magana win an Americana on the foot

Lightweight GP 4th round

Tio Chico beat Oliver Geddes by 5-0
Vinicius Marinho beat DJ Jackson by 1 advantage to 0
Leandro Lo beat Clark Gracie by 13 a 0
Diego Borges beat Juan Kamezawa

Lightweight GP 5th round

DJ Jackson beat Rodrigo Magalhães by 3-0 at the last seconds
Vinicius Marinho beat Tio Chico by disqualification (gestures to the public)
Diego Borges beat Brandon Magana by 8-0
Leandro Lo beat Juan Kamezawa by 10-0

Team Challange 2nd round
Rodolfo Vieira beat Leonardo Leite by 9-0 – up to 98kg

Lightweight GP semifinals

Diego Borges beat Vinicius Marinho by 8-0
Leandro Lo beat DJ Jackson by 6-2

Team Challange 3rd round
Dimitrius Souza beat Léo Maciel by 2-0 – up to 86kg (GFTeam beat Alliance by 2-1)

Lightweight GP dispute for 3rd place
Vinicius Marinho beat DJ Jackson by 1 advantage

Superfight: Rodolfo Vieira beat Ricardo Demente by 3 advatanges to 0

Lightweight GP final
Leandro Lo (Cicero Costha) beat Diego Borges (CheckMat Manaus) by 1 advatange to 0

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