Gracie Barra Ballard

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Black belt Micah Reyes

Black belt Micah Reyes

Address: 5607 20th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

Phone:  1 206 214 6406




Ballard Bjj (Ballard Brazilian Jiujitsu) has become the home for many of the Pacific Northwest Brazilian Jiujitsu Enthusiast. The Ballard academy offers plenty of opportunity to learn jiujitsu, self defense, achieve personal fitness goals and be part of a positive team community. In addition, the Ballard Bjj academy offers multiple classes a day, six days a week and has the necessary tools in place to help you attain your goals along the way. Feel free to stop by and check a class out here at Ballard Brazilian Jiujitsu.

When asked, “What does Gracie Barra mean to you?” All of our students would have the same answer: A family. That is not fortuity. It is rather the result of life works of extraordinary individuals like count Mitsuyo Maeda, Carlos Gracie Sr., Rolls Gracie, Carlos Gracie Jr., Marcio “Mamazinho” Lauder, and people like us who are dedicating their lives to the realization of their dreams and to the continuity of their legacies.

We at GB Ballard invite you to come in and check out our school. Anyone can benefit from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and our student base is comprised of individuals of all ages, gender and backgrounds. All levels of experience and fitness are welcome – whether you’re looking to get into shape, build confidence, learn self defense or improve your BJJ and MMA skills, we offer a safe, friendly environment and excellent instruction tailored to the specific needs of the class.

Our website is just a virtual extension of our school. Here you you find tons of information about us, our programs, our classes and our sport. If you are not yet a GB member, contact us to schedule an intro class. You too can benefit from the BJJ lifestyle.

~ Professor Micah Reyes (Head Instructor)



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