2013 WPJJC Open finals: Buchecha vs Rodolfo; Gabi vs Bia

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Buchecha beats Tarsis and will face Rodolfo in the finals

Buchecha beats Tarsis and will face Rodolfo in the finals

If you are awake early in the morning or live in Europe or far East, you may be checking GRACIEMAG channels to know what’s going on during the final day of the 2013 Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship.

Well, the usual suspects Marcus Buchecha and Rodolfo Vieira will meet in the blackbelt open adult male finals, around 5:00am PST.

Rodolfo had a pretty smooth journey, beating Felipe Gargamel on quarters, and then on semis passing through Claudio Calasans by 9 points with a sweep, a pass and hardly having any trouble to reach the mount to assure his place in the final match.

His opponent, the current World Absolute Champion, Marcus Buchecha, had a tough match in the quarters. Roberto Cyborg opened a three-points lead by passing his guard right of the batch, but Buchecha managed to sweep, takedown and almost take Roberto Cyborg’s back, securing therefore the win by 4-3. Then he faced Tarsis Humphreys in the semi, and had not much hard time to pass, take the back and attack the arm of the Alliance representative, as the time finished.

Tarsis caused an upset in the quarters when he took Andre Galvao out of the bracket, after an even match decided by a minus point heavily questioned by an upset Galvao.

So the field is now open for the already expected decision confronting Rodolfo and Buchecha.

Gabi is one match shy to write more BJJ history

Gabi Garcia never lost a match in Abu Dhabi, taking so far all gold medals available since they created the female category, four years ago. She already took her division yesterday and now will face Bia Mesquita in the open, chasing another double gold.

Her opponent in the final, the Saquarema (a Rio de Janeiro state beach town) representative Bia Mesquita is however in a great momentum. She got to the finals after another win in a row over Luanna Alzuguir, who used to be Gabi’s partner for absolute close-outs. Will Bia finally be able to stop Gabi? We will see soon.

Keenan vs Miyao, once again

The Euros and the Pan already had this brownbelt open class final written: the American sensation Keenan Cornelius against the brave featherweight Paulo Miyao.

It’s not by the fact Cornelius has UFC and Jiu-Jtsu former champion BJ Penn in his corner that he’s favorite. It’s because he’s beating Paulo over and over, although it’s always tough. So the question to be answered soon is if Paulo is bringing something different in his sleeve to stop Keenan.

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