2013 WPJJC: Inside the Abu Dhabi competition experience

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A visit to Abu Dhabi offers experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. A world that is so different from most other countries, athletes traveling here have much to discover. The truth is, however, their experiences will exist within the training mats and the venue where hopefully, they will claim a gold medal or two. Some of them trial winners, others locals and some who took the money out of their own pockets to get here, all will make a mark on their life within the walls of the ADNEC convention center.

GRACIEMAG.com reports from the Abu Dhabi venue to give you a walk-through of competing in the WPJJC:

Weigh-ins the day before

Go to your designated weigh-in line to officially document your competition weight.

Each division has its own line. Have your passport/identification ready, wear your gi and weigh-in to have your official weight documented. You only get once chance so make sure that you used the practice scales outside of the room to confirm you are on weight!

Once you’ve been weighed in you can walk over to receive your gift bag that holds a large silver medal for the fifth anniversary of the WPJJC.

Receive a memorable medal for competing at the fifth anniversary of the WPJJC

Make sure you pick up and your name tag with your fighter details. The name tag must be worn when you’re inside the venue, but you can take it off when you compete! It will be the color of your belt and have your picture as well:

Your name tag is your competitor card for when you are competing

The brackets are located on the wall between the weigh-ins and the warm-up area. You can either check them there or go online to www.uaejj.com

Check your brackets on the wall near the weigh-ins

Day of tournament, warm up in the bullpens 

The mat number and division will be stated on the sign

Each mat has its own bullpen warm-up area. The signs on the mats will state which division will be run. The bracket holders will help you determine where you belong and the mat managers will come to the bullpens and call your name when they are ready to lead you and your opponent through a door and into the stadium for your match.

Bullpens have three signs lined by white picket fences

You will come back to the bull pen after every match that you win so you can rest and prepare for the following matches. It also puts you where the mat managers, who are wearing yellow vests, to find you when needed.

Yellow vests determine who is a mat manager or bracket holder

Time to compete

The ten mats that set the stage for the WPJJC

These are the ten mats that will be the stage for you to compete. Once you reach your mat, you will have your score kept by a person in an orange vest. The screen holds information like the points, advantages, time and the country flag of which you represent.

Score keepers and their displays

Here in Abu Dhabi, Jiu-Jitsu is a national sport so they will be streaming some of the matches live. With multiple cameras from above as well as a mobile streaming camera, your match could be shown live throughout the country from multiple angles.

Cameras show the Abu Dhabi national sport of Jiu-Jitsu to the TV networks throughout the country

If your match is in the spotlight, it will be shown on the three large screens overhead. It will even replay your submissions or dominating moves.

Screens overhead highlight the matches of the day for spectators

In the crowd, you will have mostly locals and even the Sheikh to witness your matches. Prideful, knowledgeable and interested, the crowd will cheer for your victories and appreciate your technical work. Try not to feel too pressured to impress, though!

The crowd of locals

In the case that you need ice or attention for an injury, don’t hesitate to visit the first aid station on either ends of the mat area. The medical staff can be found wearing red vests.

First aid stations located at each end of the mats

Claim your gold

The medals of the WPJJC

The medals of the WPJJC are presented on a decorated platter. The podium is the center of everyone’s attention as you are escorted directly to the stage behind your mat and presented your gold medal as your name is announced to all.

The podium at the WPJJC located directly behind the finals mat

If you aren’t able to be at the Abu Dhabi ADNEC as a spectator and you weren’t able to compete this year, be sure to follow all of our live coverage through our google+ page!

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