Caio Terra comments on tactical victory against Malfacine: ‘I just didn’t let him restrain’

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Caio Terra against Bruno Malfacine in Pan 2013. Photo: Ivan Trindade/

Ending last Sunday, the IBJJF Pan 2013 also had plenty of excitement among the skinny.

At roosterweight, during a final decided by detail, the expert guard player Caio Terra stunned five-time world champion Bruno Malfacine 2-0 with a sweep.

Caio told GracieMag how his footwork confused Bruno.

“If he was confused with my guard I’m surprised. Actually, I think I just didn’t let him restrain me much, which made it easier for me to get into good positions all the time,” said Caio.

“The most important thing to win was the training. My preparation and my result was only proof that the training was done right. I had an excellent camp for 10 days at my gym in San Jose, California, with the help of several champions, like Leandro Lo, Rafael Formiga, Marcus Antelante, Ben Baxter, Luiza Monteiro and others. We follow a spreadsheet made by Itallo Villardo, who is the best physical trainer for martial arts in my opinion,” he praised.

Caio highlighted the tough semifinal against Fabbio Passos. “Our semifinal was one of the most complicated in the Pan. It was a tough fight and he surprised me. But in the end, the hard fight only gave me strength to get even more focused to win the final,” he concluded.

To check the final results of Pan 2013, click here.

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