Watch a Miyao Work Passing Against Damon Morgan at S.F. Open

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Miyao vs. Morgan / Photo by Erin Herle

At the 2013 IBJJF San Francisco International Open, the international portion of the name was well represented as the Miyao brothers entered the tournament. Despite having competed internationally and winning world titles at the Long Beach Pyramid, the two are still becoming accustomed to the states and its language as they train with GMA academy Art of Jiu-Jitsu under the Mendes Bros.

The duo made their first appearance outside of the all-white, art gallery academy in Costa Mesa, Calif. to compete in the San Francisco Open with their current duo professors. They were able to close out their brown belt featherweight division as well as the brown belt open division but not before enduring some tough fights.

Here is a semi-final match in the featherweight division between Joao Miyao and Damon Morgan from Utah. In about five minutes in, Joao comes up to stand and pass, something we don’t see very often. Paulo Miyao tells that while in training and in their competition matches they attempt to take the back as many times as it takes to solidify the position.

How do you think he does with the knee-slice attempts? Will we see a new strategy from them moving forward?

In regards to the Mendes Bros patch, don’t worry; they haven’t strayed from their professor Cicero Costha. Guilherme Mendes notes, “he needed a different gi so he borrowed one of ours.”


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