Friendship with Anderson Silva Took Andre Galvao Out of San Francisco Open

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While enrolled in the San Francisco Open, a championship by IBJJF this weekend, Andre Galvao did not fight in California.

Galvao, who teaches his favorite techniques in LESSON PLAN on this month’s GRACIEMAG print edition, said he is sorry for his absence, and explained what UFC champion Anderson Silva and coach Ramon Lemos have to do with his decision. The black belt also spoke about a possible return to MMA, the ADCC 2013 superfight with Braulio Estima and other instructice topics. The other day you said that “the show must go on” and that you would fight the SF Open. You are not going?

ANDRE GALVAO: I was going to motivate my students here in California and get a competition rhythm. But it turns out Anderson (Silva) inaugurated his new gym in Los Angeles this weekend, and I (was) there with him. And also, Ramon Lemos (came), too, and I haven’t seen him for a while. I miss them, I gotta see my friends, right?

ADCC 2013 may no longer be in Sao Paulo. What is your excitement today for the super-fight with Braulio?

I am very excited. I’ll certainly be ready for this superfight, and I’m sure that Braulio will also train very hard. The winner will be the one who is better on that day, and it will be a great fight for the fans. It’s been a long time since two absolute champions have faced each other … and it will thrill the crowd. I intend to surprise and do everything right. I just want to get out of there with my arm raised.

After ADCC, do you plan to return to MMA soon?

Yes, I do. I really want to do it, someday. For now I’m just working for the gym, but I want to go back. I feel that I didn’t show the world my full potential as an athlete in MMA.

As a coach and observer, what have you seen that you find interesting in MMA compared to Jiu-Jitsu?

Back attacks. There’s always someone on the opponent’s back in UFC, you can notice it. I think this is now the best option for those who like to fight Jiu-Jitsu in the octagon. If you have a lethal back attack, you will do well. Everyone ends up turning his back for a moment in the fight, even for just a moment – either by fatigue, to raise or defend a takedown. We always see the back of someone there ready to be taken … And the neck ready to be devoured!

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  1. George Gregory at 1:25 pm

    Andre's last fight was vs. Tyron Woodley and he has made A LOT of in their prime, good athletes look bad. He is very much in his athletic prime and I am anxious to see him give it another go.

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